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Hungry for a killer GTD app? Check out the first official screenshot and feature list for OmniFocus, the much-anticipated GTD app from The Omni Group.

Check it out:

OmniFocus screenshot The company’s also released an official feature list:

  • Quick entry panel, accessible via keyboard shortcut from any application
  • Import for kGTD documents
  • Focus feature for opening a specific folder or project in its own window
  • Project or context work views, both with extensive filtering and sorting options
  • iCal synchronization (enabling you to get to Palm and other devices)
  • Printing support that will include printing to index cards
  • Project outlines include hierarchical tasks and task groups
  • Pop-up calendars for assigning start, due and completion dates
  • Project and task filtering by project state, dates, next actions, available actions and more
  • Rich text support for project and task notes
  • Ability to attach files to any task or project

Sadly, the public beta still isn’t ready. So, try to hang on just a little longer.


  • mark

    gravatarApr 21, 2007
    1:36 am


    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Arif

    gravatarApr 21, 2007
    1:49 am

    Thanks for the update!

    Unfortunately I’m not sure how good would OmniFocus would be for me. I’m quite hooked on using my Blackberry 8700 and that just doesn’t sync well with my mac. I first tried syncing my Blackberry 8700 to my Mac but I was quite disappointed by the beta version of PocketMac for Blackberry. Now they’re out of beta and I believe are offering the sync client for some $40 or so. Anyway so I then proceeded to sync my Bberry 8700 to Outlook (running that on a Virtual Windows via Parallels) as my GTD Setup. It’s been a couple of months and so far this is working quite well for me.

  • Jon Crosby

    gravatarApr 21, 2007
    8:30 am

    Arif, PocketMac for BlackBerry is free. I use it to sync a 7250 with my Mac and it works without any issues.

  • Sigurdur Armannsson

    gravatarApr 23, 2007
    4:57 pm

    I finally gave up on kGTD syncking problems and lack of developement, but I am excited to see how good OmniFocus will be. In the meantime (and maybe longer) I am using iGTD http://bargiel.home.pl/iGTD/

    It’s very good to say the least. Very fast and has a lot of features, keyboard shortcuts, syncs fine to iCal, syncs via iSync and thus to my phone, uses .mac, Quicksilver… much more.

    Try it, it’s free and I feel free too — for the moment.

  • Philip

    gravatarMay 1, 2007
    1:04 am

    Omni has also just posted some videos of OmniFocus: http://blog.omnigroup.com/2007/04/30/ethan-schoonovers-omnifocus-overview-video/

  • dvand

    gravatarMay 14, 2007
    9:53 pm

    There is also an Omnifocus Manual at: