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I’ve been pretty bummed about the development death of my favorite Mac utility, Quicksilver. But now I have a glimmer of hope. Nicholas Jitkoff, Quicksilver’s original developer, has just teamed up with Google to create Google Quick Search.

It’s still a prototype, but the resemblance to Quicksilver is unmistakable. No, it doesn’t yet have the awesome array of actions and commands as Quicksilver, but with Google’s backing and an eager development community, I expect robust goodness soon.

Note: I’m starting to feel a little better.


  • Ben Chinn

    gravatarFeb 2, 2009
    6:10 pm

    After feeling the sting of development stalling on Quicksilver I downloaded Launchbar 5 and think it may be even better (certainly faster and more stable). Google’s going to have to beef up Quick Search considerably before I consider taking it up instead.

  • kuswanto

    gravatarFeb 2, 2009
    8:01 pm

    I like Google QLB interface. But dislike its name. It’s too long for an application :-D

  • Marc Hummel

    gravatarFeb 2, 2009
    8:36 pm

    QS works great for me… what’s the big deal?

  • Jay

    gravatarFeb 2, 2009
    11:08 pm

    If Google Quick Search is close to Quicksilver in utility and works on a PC, I’ll be happy. Quicksilver is great on my Mac.

    Long time no post, btw.

  • SYFer

    gravatarFeb 3, 2009
    4:21 pm

    Although I once played around with QS and found it pretty neat, I’ve always stayed away from such apps because they make me too dependent on having the specialty app installed.

    I frequently have to work on other machines (I’m a video editor) and have found that I can move pretty fast between keyboard shortcuts and spaces. I try to develop my habits around the “stock” setup so I’m immediately up and running on any machine.

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarFeb 4, 2009
    4:52 pm

    Jay, good point about the PC compatibility. So far, Google Quick Search only works on the Mac. I haven’t heard any rumblings about a PC version, but who knows.

    I know it’s been while. Hoping to post regularly again now. Thanks for sticking with me.

  • kadavy

    gravatarFeb 4, 2009
    9:30 pm

    I tried out Google Quick Search, but when I typed “Mail” (hoping to open up Mail.app), I had no luck. So I was instantly done with it. I am trying Launchbar now, which is cool and all, but all I do is launch applications, something that Quicksilver did even better. I’m thinking of switching back.

  • Mirko

    gravatarFeb 5, 2009
    3:02 pm

    Quicksilver development death? Didn’t hear about this but it’s sad news :(

  • Lars Strandridder

    gravatarFeb 10, 2009
    4:54 pm


    Just downloade GQS, I have had Quicksilver for some time and love it. Can’t see GQS is any where near as good jet. But if QS is no longer under development, we can only hope GQS will become very good. But before that happens I will still use me Quicksilver ;)

  • Stabby

    gravatarFeb 11, 2009
    2:49 pm

    I may have mentioned this on this site before, but Google’s product is you, their customers are advertisers. They create software and services and give them away to search your data to improve the product for the advertisers.

    In the corporate IT world, things like Google Desktop search and other Google apps are usually not allowed, since it sends data back to Google.

    When you use Google’s apps, and you store your data on their servers, your data becomes theirs. Read their EULA carefully and know what you’re doing with your personal information.

    Yahoo and Microsoft (and lots of other sites) do the same thing. And I’m not saying don’t use Google, best search engine out there, just know what you’re getting into.

  • DanGTD

    gravatarFeb 12, 2009
    6:21 am

    Spotlight search is good enough on the mac.

    Although I would never use it, I understand how powerful this Google Quick Search is. But does it have a market?

  • Mark

    gravatarMar 10, 2009
    10:10 am

    Chanpory, I live and die by the yubnub/quicksilver tip you posted. I would have to have this ability to switch.

  • Karl the Fish

    gravatarSep 14, 2009
    9:06 am

    SYFer – I agree, but I love my QS dependency too much.