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11x17For designers, size matters. And that size is the 11×17 paper format. Tabloid size paper is vital for printing large design comps, diagrams, and charts, but it’s a pain to file and organize.

In a quest to organize the piles of tabloid size papers at work, I recently stumbled upon the aptly named 11×17.com.

While most office supply stores cater to the 8.5×11 format, 11×17.com has virtually everything for managing and organizing tabloid size paper. That includes hard-to-find file folders, binders, boxes, and cabinets.

Designers will find the design of 11×17.com’s website an eyesore, but the usefulness of its product line outweighs the site’s modest appearance.

To those outside of the USA, I had no luck finding a similar retailer for A3 size paper. Does anyone know of one?


  • Michael Long

    gravatarJan 15, 2007
    6:38 am

    In the UK it is farily easy to find A3 folders and ring binders in places like Staples or any large office supply store. I imagine it’s much the same all over the world (a benefit of using an international standard)

  • Morris Slerkote

    gravatarJul 8, 2007
    9:05 am

    I would like to find some normally priced envelopes that will allow me to store 20 to 50 sheets of 11×17 paper in a regular file cabinet. I would like to stack those envelopes flat in the drawers.

    The width of most file cabinets that I have seen have a drawer width at the bottom of 11-3/4 inches. So the outside of the envelope could be 11-3/4 inches wide at the most. 11-1/2 inches wide would be better.

    The length of the envelope is not particularly important except it must be longer than 17 inches. My file cabinets are twenty inches deep.

    I would buy the envelopes in quantities of 100 or less. I use about two per week.

  • Lynn Smith

    gravatarJan 4, 2008
    10:48 am

    Ikea.com has a nice looking set of white drawers on casters available on their website. Here is the link: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/30104322 They have sites for other countries on the main page. In case the above link doesn’t work, you’re looking for a unit named “Alex”. The description says it is designed for A2 sized paper (US equivilent “C” – about 2 tabloid size pages near as I can tell)

  • Office Supplies

    gravatarApr 14, 2008
    5:51 am

    I guess we’re lucky here in the UK, like Micheal said, we have a general A3, A4, A5 etc standardised sizes of paper. I’d think demand for tabloid paper and accessories would be extremely small.