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Morning Dose of Coffee In the movies, people wake up to happy birds chirping and the sweet smells of coffee brewing. In fantasyland, everyone is a perky morning person.

I’m not.

Far from the picturesque cereal commercial, my mornings are a blur. Get up, feed the kitties, bathroom, shower, dress, get to the bus. All in 30 minutes. No breakfast, no coffee, no time.

By the time I get to work, I’m already stressed out, frazzled, and in a terrible mood. So this makes me curious. What are mornings like for LifeClever readers?

Are you in a hopeless frenzy? Or are you the Zen master of your morning? What’s your strategy for coping with the morning grumps?

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  • Paul

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    6:35 am

    1 – Feed the cat 2 – Toilet use 3 – Throw on exercise clothes 4 – Walk 4 blocks to the gym 5 – Exercise 35-45 minutes 6 – Walk home 7 – Toast, Cereal or Oatmeal + fruit breakfast 8 – Shower 9 – Bike to work 10 – Enjoy morning

  • Greet

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    6:43 am

    When I have to get up early to go to school:

    • Snooze five minutes
    • Read e-mails and some feeds
    • Wash & put clothes on
    • If I have time I have breakfast, but that doesn’t happen often
    • Run to catch the bus All this in 30 minutes.

    When I don’t have to get up early:

    • Snooze about half an hour
    • Read e-mails and all feeds, usually while having breakfast
    • Wash & put clothes on
    • Start doing whatever it is that I have to do that day All this in about an hour.

    I’m never grumpy or moody, because I have time to wake up on the bus. But when I haven’t had breakfast, I’m starving by the time the first class is over, and then I might get a little moody until I’ve had some food. :P

  • AL

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    6:47 am


    “Snooze five minutes” “Snooze about half an hour”


    Sneezing isn’t a ritual my friend :)

    But what is it with morning sneezing anyway? Any scientific explanation for this phenomenon?

  • Tabatha

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    7:12 am

    Oh man. It’s so hard for me to get up in the morning. I set my alarm for 30 minutes before I intend to wake up, or I WILL be late for whatever it is.

    I put coffee in the maker the night before, and turn the coffee pot on right when I get out of bed. It’s just a flick of a button, and I can have coffee.

    I’d kill to be a morning person. I seem to be convinced that I can turn myself into one. Maybe if I give myself a coffee addiction!

  • tim

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    7:12 am

    sneeze != snooze

  • Dan Philpott

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    7:13 am

    1. Slap the snooze button.
    2. 10 minutes later: Slap the snooze button. Then turn off alarm.
    3. Drink two glasses of water, one glass of soy milk and my supplements requiring an empty stomach.
    4. Turn on laptop next to exercise bike.
    5. Stretches. 5a. Every other day, pushups, situps, crunches, etc. during stretches.
    6. Cardiovascular exercise on the exercise bike for 45 minutes while watching video or listening to audio on laptop.
    7. Shower and shave.
    8. Dress and kiss my wife goodbye (she doesn’t have to be at work until later).
    9. Heat food in the microwave while packing my lunch.
    10. Turn on car with remote to let it warm up.
    11. Eat.
    12. Pack my bag with any electronics I pulled out to charge and other material.
    13. If time permits, check my computer for email or quick tasks.

    Never forget the kiss, best part of the morning.

    All told this takes between 1:15-1:30 minutes depending on whether I am doing the full exercise regimen. The exercising isn’t so much for my physical health, it’s for my mental health. Without cardio in the morning my ADD is terrible, with it all the neurochemicals pop into place. The trick is not to think about exercising, you start and next thing you are done.

    Breaking routine is bad. Making a habit of starting the day off well pays off in clearer thinking.

  • Styrofeen

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    7:17 am

    6:05AM – Alarm goes off, snooze is hit. 6:15AM – Alarm goes off, wife kicks me. 6:45AM – Eating breakfast. 6:55AM – Out the door for my morning commute. 7:05AM – In my office ready to go with my Diet Green Tea.

    I find that if I stick to the same routine I am much happier in the morning than if I’m frantically trying to locate my clothes, shoes and briefcase.

  • Carol

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    7:32 am

    -Coffee maker is on nightstand and was made ready the night before, plugged into a power strip. -Big houseplant tree is on the other side of the bed decorated with little lights, white in winter and little lanterns in the summer, also plugged into the power strip. -CD player is ready and plugged in too. -Wake up and reach down to the floor and turn on the power strip and coffee starts and little lights go on providing just the right amount of light, coffee smells good, music is playing. -Not a morning person but this is enough to get me up.

  • Patrick Mathieu

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    7:40 am

    I make a distinction between my morning RITUAL and my morning ROUTINE. The routine involved all of the running around, mundane-but-necessary daily chores. My morning ritual, on the other hand, helps me create the day that lies ahead and leaves me energized and ready to go!

  • Phil

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    7:42 am

    I’m sorry, anyone who is rushing in the morning is doing something wrong – mainly, not getting up early enough. If you can’t get up early, go to bed earlier. I have very little patience for people who are regularly rushing to work because they can’t or won’t get their butts out of bed.

    Yes, I am a morning person. Here is my schedule: 7:30-7:45 wake up, shower, dress. Ironing done night before. 7:45 help get kids (aged 5 & 7) dressed for school 7:55-8:15 breakfast with the kids 8:15-8:30 help kids get teeth brushed, book bags ready, coats and shoes on 8:30 on the scooter riding to work 8:50 at desk

  • PaulJ

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    8:10 am

    I have over an hours commute, 2 dogs, a wife who is barely functional in the morning (and we work together). I’m not a morning person, but I’ve had to become one, or we’d not get anything done!

    Alarm goes off at 6:45am, Get up, pull on dirty clothes and head downstairs with the dogs. Turn on the coffee machine. Grab a breakfast of a yogurt, juice and apple. Eat breakfast while catching up on any urgent work or personal email. Take the dogs out – this takes three trips, and about 30 minutes – NOT FUN when it’s 20f and snowing. Come in, wife has got up and showered and is usually getting coffee and on her laptop. Pack lunch for work, usually a salad or left overs. About 8am I head up and grab a shower and change.

    Out the door around 8:30am – hit the post office, gas station, pick up workmate, highway by 9am, work by 10am. Wife sleeps in the car, I drive :)

    I’d love time to work out, but that means getting up even earlier, and trusting something important like the dogs to a wife who can hardly move yet!

  • Patricia

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    8:30 am

    Laying out my clothes the night before on a bench at the foot of the bed is probably what has made the biggest difference to me. It saves a lot from the morning scramble.

    For me, it also works out to set out in the fridge the “on the go” breakfast I usually have of nuts, cheese, and a piece of fruit.

    (By the way, I think “not getting up early enough” is largely a function of how early and well one is able to get to sleep. I have PLENTY of sympathy for people who are not able to get enough decent sleep: for example, having a baby and/or small children in the household, having sick parents or other relatives, having a medical condition that makes sleep difficult. I have very little sympathy for someone who believes that everyone ought to be able to do just what he does, which apparently is to get a long enough, restful enough night of sleep most nights.)

  • Justin

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    8:42 am

    I read this and the first thought in my mind was, “why don’t you just go to bed earlier?” Or, “why don’t you get up earlier?”

    Then you won’t feel as rushed in the morning and your day will get off to a better start.

    Is that silly of me to think?

  • Patricia

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    9:53 am

    Pretty much :)

  • qeek

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    10:07 am

    All the same, except the kitties. No time for anything else :(

  • Lou

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    10:30 am

    If I want to workout, I get up at 5:30, get ready and get to gym by 6:00. Home by 7:00. Take shower, eat breakfast, feed cats, start dishwasher, put on make up, dress and dry long hair. Make lunch and I can be out the door by 8:00. My commute is about 20 minutes.

    If I don’t workout, I get up about 6:30.

    It’s really hard for me to get up in the morning. I am not a morning person and then I take antihistimines so I am groggy. It would be wonderful if I could be more productive in the morning but I just haven’t been able to find a way that can be executed day after day.

  • Jordan T-H

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    10:41 am

    Make coffee, bathroom, shower, dress, clean pan, make bacon, eggs, and toast, read RSS feeds. Then school or work or reading or writing or whatever is on the day’s agenda.

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    10:52 am

    @Patricia, great idea to setup clothes and food the night beforehand. The less I have to think about in the morning, the better. I’m also considering getting an automated cat feeder. The kitties get quite noisy in the morning when they’re hungry!

  • sunsail

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    11:17 am

    alarm @ 7:45… snooze… snooze… get up, feet the dog…snooze… snooze… get up brush teeth use bathroom (took shower the night before)… it is now 8:40, and i had to be at work at 8:30… haul ass to work. i usually go to bed at midnight. but, if i were to get “enough” sleep, i would have to go to bed at 10:30.

    i’m SO not a morning person.

  • Chris

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    12:46 pm

    1. Wake up at 630am PDT.
    2. Turn off alarm.
    3. Wait for second alarm at 645am PDT.
    4. Get up, go to bathroom.
    5. Turn on shower, use toilet.
    6. Take shower.
    7. Dry off while thinking of what to wear, what’s clean, and what I’ve worn already this week.
    8. Get dressed.
    9. Double-check to ensure I have work access badge, keys to house and cell phone.
    10. Take vitamins, etc with large glass of water.
    11. Walk to lightrail stop.
    12. Curse not having time to finish cigarette.
    13. Ride train while reading book (if I get on early enough to get seat)
    14. Get off train, walk to work (arriving at 7:55ish)
  • Dan Philpott

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    12:56 pm

    I don’t get the feeding kitties in the morning. I’ve always fed my ladies last thing at night. A morning feeding means they expect it at that time every morning, weekday, weekend and vacation. Feeding at night means I can monitor them if I have to reduce their intake. If they get hungry they can get my attention while I’m awake and not wake me to discuss the issue, letting me sleep like the lazy lummox I am. Well, unless they decide they love me so much a bladder based tap dance is required to demonstrate the adoration.

    The thing I’ve noticed about exercise, I can substitute it for about 30 minutes of sleep so my net loss in time is usually less than 30 minutes. And if I know I won’t get enough sleep the focus some morning exercise brings to my sleep deprived mind is well worth the effort. Try it yourself, do 5 minutes of cardio (jumping jacks or stair climbing) first thing some morning when you haven’t had enough sleep.

  • Brett Kelly

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    2:33 pm

    Wake up at 5:45-6 (depending on snooze use)

    Shower, dress (20-30 minutes)

    Gather pocket contents, verify cell phone is charged and check email on it. Make sure nano has enough juice for the day and that any new podcasts are sync’d.

    Kiss wife goodbye, whisper goodbye to my sleeping kids through their respective bedroom doors.

    Drive to buddy’s house (carpool) (arrive around 7am)

    Stop for food (maybe)

    Arrive at work, begin ingesting unhealthy amounts of caffeine.

  • Jen

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    4:13 pm

    The strategy for my morning routine is all based on what I get done the night before which determines what time I finally make it to bed.

    If I get to bed by 11 pm, I’m up at 7 am to work out, shower, eat, do hair, makeup, etc. – the usual stuff to prep for work and I’m out the door at 840 am for work at 9 am.

    If I get to bed any later than 11 pm, forget working out, forget washing my hair, I hit the snooze at least 2 times (driving my husband crazy) and then drag myself out of bed to eat, dress, etc. and I’m out the door around 845 am.

    There are no birds chirping in either scenario.

    My only strategy is that I pick up crappy coffee on the way in to work at a convenience store using a travel mug from home. It’s cheaper and faster than making it myself. Plus, I never have to keep cream stocked at home.

  • Andre

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    8:12 pm

    breakfast would more than likely prevent some of the stress when you get to work, alot of people think its an optional thing when in reality, it’s more like a necessity!

    Get up at 6, check RSS feed for 30 min, shower, breakfast and out the door at 7:15

  • Jason White

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    8:25 pm

    It is now 10:17pm an I am getting ready for bed. My alarm goes off at 4am every weekday. My first appointment is at 6am usually no more than 20 minutes away either on foot (like tomorrow) or by subway. My alarm is always set for 2 hours before I have to be anywhere and I only snooze once.

    Coffee is on auto so the first thing I usually do is sniff for coffee aroma. Get up, turn on my computer go eat an apple. Eat the apple during boot cycle and e-mail, fetch coffee and spend about 20-30 minutes on e-mail and rss.

    Then Breakfast, always eggwhites and broccoli, 1 cup dry cereal and finish coffee. Back to interwebs for surfing, then dress and pack for the day.

    Weekends is the same only later.

    I hate rushing in the morning and I haven’t for years. I never oversleep and I almost always nap in the middle of the day. The morning is my absolute favorite time of the day and I absolutely love being one of the only people awake at that hour. The city is quite peaceful.

  • shoobe01

    gravatarDec 12, 2007
    10:17 pm

    First, imagine a rude emoticon to all those “just go to bed early” folks. People are wired differently. I, for one, work great at night. Sometimes, I’ll catch a work bug, and just stay up till 2.

    But usually, its bed around 10, with much of the morning packing already done. Computer in bag, etc.

    Up at 0555, dressed, bathroom, brushed and downstairs by 0600. Turn on GPS, stick it outside to acquire, put on shoes (and any required cold/wet gear). Grab Netflix and put in the bag with hardware, start GPS track, and run to post office, and wherever else I can bring myself to get to in 30 minutes.

    Back home, put up whatever outdoors gear I need to shed, get breakfast (yogurt and cereal or oatmeal, about 1 min prep time). Read webcomics and eat for 5 minutes. Break periodically to put lunch in pack (from freezer, set up days earlier), set glasses up for the drive, and put pack in car.

    Upstairs, shower, dress. Typical pocket gear is in one place on the nightstand, always (dangerous pocket gear is high up where kids can’t get it, but nearby). Downstairs, shoes and any cold/wet gear needed. Glasses on head, keys in hand, then to the car.

  • Ellen

    gravatarDec 13, 2007
    1:24 am

    Night before: pack bag, lay out clothes.

    22.30 – 23.00: Go to bed

    5.25: Philips Wake Up Light starts to ‘rise’

    5.55: Birds on Wake Up Light start to whistle

    6.00: Get out of bed, snooze birds for husband, put on pants, give kitty a hug, bathroom (including brushing teeth), put on rest of clothes, kick hubby out of bed and ask what he wants for breakfast.

    6.15: Go downstairs put on lights (including christmas tree at the moment). Put on Nespresso (for hubby) and kettle (for me), make breakfast, hug other kitty, unlock backdoor.

    6.25: Put on telly, eat breakfast on the couch while watching the news (repeat of last night, too early for ‘fresh’ news).

    6.35: Turn off the lights, put on shoes, scarf, coat, gloves.

    6.40: Get bag and bikes, on our way to the railway station.

    7.00: Catch train (husband gets off half way).

    8.00: Catch subway and walk to work.

    8.15: Arrive at work, put on the kettle …

  • Joy

    gravatarDec 13, 2007
    4:00 am

    I live in the South of France and yes it’s a dream life :D

    My morning starts usually between 6 and 6:30. Where we live my alarm is either the birds chirping or the church bells ringing. I don’t use an alarm only if my husband is traveling that day and has to catch an early flight or train (he usually works from home). Once up, have our puppy out while I start chopping fresh fruits and turn on the kettle or if my husband is away, it’s yoga for an hour.

    7:00 – 7:30 breakfast and feed puppy. We usually sit down over looking the magnificent view of the hills right from our dining room or sometimes watch some news. Showered and shine by 8. 8:00-8:30 prep if I’m seeing clients that day and load the car with equipment I need. If not seeing clients, I’m in my office at home by 8 ready to run my mini-empire with the help of my amazing I-Mac!

  • Cesar

    gravatarDec 13, 2007
    9:39 pm

    The best purchase I’ve ever made? A coffee maker with a timer/alarm clock.

  • Jodie

    gravatarDec 14, 2007
    11:17 am

    5:20am – Hit either snooze or turn off alarm

    5:25am – Get out of bed

    5:26am – Shower

    5:40am – Pre-programmed coffeemaker starts brewing

    5:45am – Put on makeup and get dressed

    5:55am – Go downstairs, pour coffee, get going

    6:00am – Drive to work

    6:30am – Arrive at work and check emails and read blogs

  • DWarrior

    gravatarDec 14, 2007
    4:39 pm

    “First, imagine a rude emoticon to all those –œjust go to bed early– folks. People are wired differently.”

    I think it might be more an issue of habits than any unchangeable wiring.

    For example, I’m often a “night guy” because when I’m on the computer in the evening, I don’t want to get off and I keep checking that one last task/website/forum post until the wee hours. Then I go to bed and have to wake up in the morning having underslept. You could say that makes me a night guy, but it’s a habit and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing biologically preventing me from becoming a morning guy.

  • becca

    gravatarDec 14, 2007
    5:12 pm

    Thankfully, I get woken up by an actual person. I don’t like alarm clocks. I tend to throw them.

    I usually muddle around in bed for 10-15 minutes until I realize OH MY GOD. I ACTUALLY HAVE TO WAKE UP. I usually have a set plan of things I need to accomplish that morning, whether it be printing out that paper for class, finishing some work, getting clothes together, etc. I almost always get everything done, but it’s not always pretty.

    I wake up 25 minutes before I have to leave. 5-10 minutes of this is comprised of me sitting down at my kitchen table, staring at Good Morning America on TV and grumbling about why I hate whatever day it is. I am sleep deprived, I have to take some coffee shots to be even marginally coherent. I didn’t even like coffee before this year.

    I get dressed in 10 minutes and wear whatever is within reach and looks clean. That’s probably why I look like I’m having a bad hair day every day. Oh well.

  • Pam

    gravatarDec 15, 2007
    6:38 am

    I usually get up an hour and a half before work.

    • Alarm goes off, I get up.
    • Walk for 30 minutes, assuming the weather permits
    • Shower
    • Check email
    • Finish getting ready
    • Have breakfast
    • Out the door
  • I am Woman

    gravatarDec 15, 2007
    7:11 am

    Have alarm set for 3:30a so I can drag myself out of bed at 5:30a for one (incredibly short) hour of peace and quiet with several cups of coffee before the 6:30a battle to get munchkin up for school. Battle to get kid and self dressed, go bags ready and out the door to meet school bus then a drive to work.

    REALLY NOT A MORNING PERSON! Munchkin is if it’s not a school day. (bye-bye week end sleep in)

    And the rest of y’all are either lyin’ or really really happy happy joy joy folk…

  • Christopher Kijowski

    gravatarDec 16, 2007
    4:55 pm

    Thankfully I am a morning person. Up at 5:30. Take my son to school @ 6. Return home. If the weather is good go for a 4-mile walk, if not 20-minute meditation, breakfast, check email/read. I don’t need to leave the house until 9. I work 90-miles from my employer and when not meeting with clients I work from my house. I could never go back to starting work at 9.

  • Sarah

    gravatarDec 17, 2007
    3:11 pm

    Your morning starts the night before, as some above have mentioned.

    The night before, I lay out my clothes for the next day–this includes socks and shoes (after checking my calendar and the weather).

    I also pack up anything I’m going to need–lunch, umbrella, to do list, computer, ipod, paper work for any errands, etc.

    In the morning, I eat and check email/weather at the same time, shower, dress, tidy up a bit, then i head out.

    Cooking takes almost no time.

    Super Fast Breakfast Butter (oil/whatever but a skim of butter here won’t hurt you) a 4″ ramekin or any small, low-sided cup/dish.

    Crack an egg into your dish and wrap completely with a paper towel. Microwave for ~45 seconds.

    While it’s cooking, toast an English muffin or bread.

    When toast is done, spread with lemon or dill hummus or cream cheese or any soft cheese or just butter and/or add bacon, ham, a couple lettuce leaves, smoked salmon, whatever you have.

    Top dressed toast with egg and eat. Now eat a piece of fruit–pick up the pre-cut apples and melon if you have to. The extra cost is worth the savings in medical bills later.


  • Markie Moo Moo

    gravatarDec 18, 2007
    11:33 am

    I, too, struggle with rising early. Not sure if it’s hardwired, but I think that consistently rising early is not as easy for each of us as early risers would think. I also think that those of us who don’t rise early don’t necessarily make the commitment. Not sure where the issue falls on the nature-nurture spectrum exactly, but in my case it’s old, learned behavior to burn the candle at the midnight (or later) end, and pay in the morning with a late start. Like any habit-forming endeavor, changing seems a bear of a task. I’d love to rise at 6:30 comfortably. The fantasy is that work is wrapped up by 4 pm. The routine:

    7-7:30: Awake to NPR. Stir a bit, listen a while, out of bed in 15-20 minutes.

    7:45: Brush teeth, look out window, myopically consider life – what do I need to do and what WON–T I get done today?

    8: teapot on stove, or I’m off to the coffee shop. If at home, I’m foraging for bread. Toast is good. Croissants better.

    8:15-8:30: An hour or so with the newspaper. (I’m surprised how few people mention reading a newspaper.)

    9-9:30: Wake the computer and get down to business. My commute is short: I work at home (grad student). I feel for those with brutal commutes, but also wish I had a ready-made crucible for focusing on work. (That’s a project–¦.)

    10-10:30: Mid-morning tea, check email again, peek at productivity blogs, etc. There is a great spoof on this kind of dysfunctional routine on our local KCRW station: http://media.kcrw.com/podcast/enc/audio/ma/ma070919Check_Email.mp3

    11:30-12:30: Midday bicycle ride if in the mood–¦.then shower, check email, afternoon tea–¦on it goes.

    One of the most valuable aspects of this thread is the opportunity to look over the routine and see that it is–¦a routine, and perhaps mine may need adjustment!

  • Nathan Adams

    gravatarDec 19, 2007
    4:05 am

    My first alarm goes off at 7.15am. I turn it off

    Second alarm goes off at 7.30am. I turn it off

    Third alarm goes off at 7.37am. I turn if off and begrudgingly get up.

    Tap iMac keyboard to wake it up, as I grab my jeans and head to the shower.

    Long shower. Water restrictions be damned.

    After shower I wack the kettle on, and go get dressed.

    Return to kettle, make cup of tea, head back to the computer.

    Check usual websites, dick around for 15 minutes.

    Pack my bag, and head off for 15 minute drive to work.

    No breakfast, as you may have noticed. I have a Milo breakfast bar at about 10am. I went off eating breakfast years and years ago. Got sick of all the breakfast foods, and my stomach just isn’t ready for it so soon after getting up.

    And I am most definitely a night person. 1-2am is when I hit the sheets. Weekends, I sleep in till around noon.

  • A

    gravatarDec 20, 2007
    5:34 am

    I think i may take the cake here:

    5:30am – Wake up/hit snooze

    5:45am – get up, take a shower

    6:00am – check e-mail and weather

    6:10am – makeup/get dressed

    6:30am – get things together, possible breakfast (paperwork, etc.)

    6:45am – leave for san jose

    7:40/45-8:00am -arrive at train station

    8:03am – baby bullet to sf

    9:02(ish)am – train arrives

    9:15am – walk to/arrive at work

    I’m not totally a morning person but you gotta do what you gotta do!

  • Teacher teacher

    gravatarDec 25, 2007
    5:07 am

    4:00 am. Alarm goes off. Clean one room of house, put in a load of laundry. 4:30 am. Exercise, different workout every day. 5:00 am. Check email, weather, move laundry to dryer. 5:15 am. Write, edit or revise current project. 6:00 am. Fold laundry. Shower, get dressed, get something to eat. I set out my clothes the night before, have coffee start with a delay brew button, and have my breakfast planned. 6:30 am. Take the dog out, brush her, get last minute things together. 6:45 am. Out the door. 7:45 am. Arrive at work. 8:00 am. School bell rings. Smile as 27 adolescents rush into the classroom.

  • CherryFalls.x

    gravatarJan 19, 2008
    11:11 am

    feed the dog, turn the computer on, shower, play music on the computer whilst getting dressed doing make up etc, leave the house catch a bus, then catch another bus 2 college

  • Lisa

    gravatarJan 28, 2008
    3:10 pm

    1. Shower (might peek at email/weather for a sec)
    2. Take Vitamins
    3. Pack Bag
    4. Drive to Work
    5. Dock laptop and power on
    6. Wash out cereal bowl and coffee mug
    7. Pour Coffee
    8. Eat Cereal and Drink Coffee
  • Nabeel

    gravatarFeb 11, 2008
    6:21 am

    This is a great post. I might write about this on my blog too. I too, have only 30 minutes to complete everything to catch the bus on time. Sometimes it’s even less than that.

    • Make chai
    • Brush teeth and all that other stuff that goes along.
    • No Shower (I take my showers when I come back from work, saves time in the morning)
    • Drink the chai I just made, while changing clothes.
    • Stuff necessary items in pockets.
    • Off to the buss station (5 min. walk, 3 min. is you take longer steps)

    Nabeel http://nabeelzeeshan.blogspot.com

  • Becca

    gravatarMar 14, 2008
    8:44 am

    1. Wake up @ 5:15
    2. Put on bathrobe and fall downstairs.
    3. Gulp down cereal while doing work.
    4. Get dressed.
    5. Leave to catch bus at 6:00.

    I think I beat all of you in the morning rush.

  • Becca

    gravatarMar 14, 2008
    8:44 am

    1. Wake up at 5:15.
    2. Put on bathrobe and fall downstairs.
    3. Gulp down cereal while doing work.
    4. Get dressed.
    5. Leave to catch bus at 6:00.

    I think I beat all of you in the morning rush.

  • cay

    gravatarJul 10, 2008
    12:02 pm

    when i have to be at university at 9, which is the usual…i:

    go to bed to late, usually around midnight

    alarm at 7 – i get up, i never use the snooze button go to bathroom, shower 710 – get dressed 715 – go to kitchen, make tea and some breakfast 725 – get on computer, turn on music, check the usual things 755 – realizing, like every morning, that ive been on the computer too long, pack things, put on shoes, etc. 805 – go to bus 815 – take bus to metro station 825 – take metro to university 840 – arrive at metro, walk to university 850 – arrive at university, find room, sit down, maybe get a coffe.

  • ana

    gravatarSep 1, 2008
    3:13 pm

    1. hit snooze on cellphone alarm
    2. drag my almost corpse body (sleep depravation) out of bed
    3. go to bathroom
    4. change (this can take from 10 to 30 min)
    5. grab my things (purse laptop bag) and take it downstairs
    6. make some coffe (the blur is gone)
    7. toast some bread, if in hurry grab cookies
    8. grab lunch plus bags and head out
    9. 1 hour commute
    10. get to job (still kind of zombie)

    thats my routine/ritual, i have observed that the mood i wake up in depends on the hours of sleep i have gotten