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Wikipedia's Meaning of LifeIf you’re trying to find the meaning of life, there’s no better place to start than Wikipedia.

The Meaning of life entry nicely summarizes various scientific, philosophical, theological, and spiritual explanations for existence. It includes almost every major approach on one page, from Atheism to Transhumanism. Of course, if you’re jaded by all of them, just hit the “edit this page” tab and suggest your own.

For the cynic, check out the ironic discussion thread on whether or not the entry should even exist.

Insightful or just fluffy quack-talk? What do you think?


  • Mark larson

    gravatarDec 11, 2006
    3:20 pm

    Meta-metaphysics. That’s great!

  • hugo

    gravatarDec 22, 2006
    9:15 pm

    The meaning of life, for life Well I will write about truth not lies, about a God that is not strait-laced or boring, who is not going to kill you, or send you into hell unless you meant to. And refuse goodness, well let me tell you what is goodness, it is not a big “no”, if you want to follow the great, God “do not change” stop doing the stuff that do not give you enough pleasure, let me break another illusion, if Jesus came to the great majority of churches called christian, today. He would make out a whip, a nice one and whip those guys out of there, and say something as, shape up or what are you doing in my house. Look gays are not less of a person, or even worse than me, if I think what they are doing is right or wrong is out of the question, but that they are as good as me in virtue. Well why did I say God is not strait-laced, only because we are not strait-laced and he is like us, he likes what we like, well check on bible go to americanbiblesociety.com do a bible search do your thing, if want to stop reading who cares, I have my life made, and I do trust my God. Also let me tell you some more good news churches do not know but they should, sex is not wrong and as long as you do not desire another person’s wife you are free to think about it, or whatever you can search the whole bible as I did and the only thing you are going to find denying something about sex is “not to lust” which means intensively desiring sex which in a simpler way means not to want the want of sex, or desire the desire but sex should be celebrated, do not misconfuse anything about the bible, have your own thought about it truthfully search if you want with normal critical hinking you are not going to find anything to say against what I am saying and intensive study of it will be prove it to be so. God is not a big no, in Jew history we see a God who allowed many wives and for at the time allowed thousands of non-belivers to be massacred and also is the same God who had his son, who is himself die for you so you will find a way to have better pleasure in life, truth to God I tell you so.You are not going to hell unless you want to live for pleasure blindly, but if you want the most pleasure in a life you live now, and not doing something as being abusing to have pleasure or humiliate someone to feel well, you will find the best pleasure which is to have tough love, words that look mean sometimes but means good or whatever it is that makes you feel better together with a community that wants to do you good; touched by your own goodness. Basicly if you want to act blindly you are already dead or as I say, you act as if not a human but someone who loses oneself, loses its soul awareness, but I think most of humans in earth today are bound to heaven they just need to know that, and live well. Why for sure churches would be whipped out of it, only because a third of humanity call themselves christians and they are not drawn to churches which they should, because there are children who intuitively know they are going to die of hunger, or heard about it. And church goers where are they well maybe having tea coffee and trying to weep, smile and have a good time while praising, as if knowing that they want to do something about the bad but not doing it warms their heart into a heart softning good feeling. I know it is tough to hear that maybe some church goers are reading this, but in my case my fellow church goers deeply insulted my family, physically harassed me by trying to hold my arm and yell at me, and told me I am not welcome there only the two of them (high-up in church, deacon and leader of young people), have one say I am sorry because he was obviously insulting my family and the other to say I am sorry much later. Being that I only gave a suggestion about a hole the son of one of them made on a wall, and he asked me who did it and I did not want to be rude and tell him it was his son, also while they were yelling at me after complaining of why he harassed me, I said, leadership is not about telling people what to do, but to serve. As Jesus showed what is it to be a leader when he was saying the same thing and washing his apostles feet. Well story said, being that I did preach in my church a little while before the occurring a little bit before there was a church division and I guess I stayed with the worst half. But this said it is not even that, if all the church goers were Jesus disguised as one church goer, or even maybe those third of humanity there would be no hunger, in Africa or in my home country Brazil, or in India or in every country, also there would not be the mistreating of animals which the bible not the church comdemns, or the abusing of so much people, and all of us do know what is bad and what is good, it is a simple message, I will die trying, I promise, to change things, never allow by omission poverty of five years year olds, unto hunger disease or even old people with countries so rich why do the poor have to suffer. Why?

  • Rhonda

    gravatarAug 31, 2007
    9:29 pm

    Dear Fellow Humans:

    So many of us have tried in our limited capacity to explain God or define Him! Needless to say we have done a very poor job of it. To say God is like us is to limit Him because that seems reasonable to us in our thinking. However the bible has never said that God is like us, infact it is the opposite. We are like Him in terms of being able to mentally comprehend and cooralate information. That brings us to the right and wrong factor, even those who have choosen to disregard the teachings of the bible, are not free of the conscience, and guilt that initial rebellion brings.

    That’s because apart of us is like God and he has designed us to respond to the negative and that which does not represent His way! However the brain is a unique organ it can be programed to think in what ever manner one may choose. One can say or act out a thing long enough that the brain will begin to accept it as a normal pattern.

    We somehow think we are asking hard profound questions when we ask things like, why do the poor suffer? Why is there so much killings? Where is God…? The answer is simple because mankind inhabits this earth and God has given him free will dominion and power. Man was suspose to rule this planet God left him in charge. He was warned that evil was also here. That was the reason for not eating of the tree in the midst of the garden. Now man has to rule in the presence of his enemy. That enemy pulls out the stops and causes all manner of miserable conditions to come upon mankind. And instead of a repentance spirit man continues to do things his way trying to prove he needs no God or God does not exsist!

    Each one of us are the hands, feet, and the caring will of God. We are all responsible for the poor, the sick, those who are motherless, fatherless and the aged. Let’s be about our father’s business.

    May God Bless all who take the time to read this, let’s meet in Heaven!

  • tony

    gravatarApr 14, 2009
    6:35 am

    all the stuff written is just peoples opinions and from now on i believe that the meaning of life is what i choose it to be..thanks for all ya’ll makin it clear to me..

  • Nitin

    gravatarJan 11, 2010
    1:02 am

    The meaning of life : “Life is an story between birth and death” This story is different for each of an organism living on the planet earth. Emotions like happiness, dullness, cheerfulness, boredom, lazyness, curiosity, jealousness, proudness and so many define the state of life. Most of people are thiest so they always combine the meaning of god with meaning of life. God is just a pretold word which we have to beleive in! He does not exists nor he creates and manages life! He is actually a our weakness. When ever we are down we always pray to god and if the situation improves we say that he has done this. There is one good saying that I bieleve on:

    “It is a purpose that drives your life”

    The purpose can be career oriented, greed oriented, love oriented and many emotions oriented as been defined above.

    That’s it ! Thats all I know ! Please give your comments!