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A clever design tool that helps you find the fold on a web page. The stated goal is to maximize ad placement, but it’s useful for laying out real content too.

Ten Things to Learn This School Year
“It seems to me that schools often teach the opposite of what’s necessary for the real world. Perhaps in school people have plenty of time and no money, so long papers, emails, and presentations are not a problem. However, people in the real world have plenty of money (or at least more money) and no time. This is a list of what I wished I learned in school before I graduated.” via 43 Folders

The Art of The Grid
Notepads based on famous grids. From Corbusier to Muller-Brockmann to Tschichold. The ultimate notepads for hardcore design geeks. via Signal vs. Noise

101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less
“So here are 101 substantial main courses, all of which get you in and out of the kitchen in 10 minutes or less. (I’m not counting the time it takes to bring water to a boil, but you can stay out of the kitchen for that.) These suggestions are not formal recipes; rather, they provide a general outline.”

Moo StickerBooks: 90 Stickers–in a book!
“Use up to 90 full colour photographs or designs. Six designs per sheet. 15 tear-out sheets Stickers are printed on individual tear-out sheets. Tear them out to share! Choose from a selection of six colours for your own StickerBook.”

Interview: Spiekermann gives us the business
“Erik Spiekermann has a remarkable CV. His design insights are respected, his typefaces have become standards and he has developed design systems for global brands. In addition he is a founder of MetaDesign and the driving force behind SpiekermannPartners. For ideasonideas’ first interview I’m going to ask Erik how he manages the challenges found in running a design business.”