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The Ampersand
A cute little blog dedicated to respresentations of the beloved Ampersand.

The Trouble With EM ‘n EN (and Other Shady Characters)
Do you know the three types of dashes? Peter Sheering has a quick tutorial on the proper use of dashes as well as other typographic details on the web.

Setting Web type to a baseline grid “This article covers the basics of baseline grids”defined grid areas within which content is placed”and how they can be applied effectively to the web medium.”

Figuring It Out: OF, LF, and TF Explained
“Numerals (or figures) can take various forms. The figure style you choose ought to be appropriate to the project you are working on. Readability is key. But which style is best for which purpose?”

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  • Michael@ Awareness * Connection

    gravatarAug 8, 2008
    4:43 pm

    That em & en one was a fun romp. Cleverly written and very precise. Thanks for the link.