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Mention “Web 2.0” and you’ll probably hear a groan. People are just sick and tired of hearing it. Brian Clark of CopyBlogger has even made a New Year’s resolution to stop using the buzzword. So for the jaded and newbie alike, here’s a poetic and inspiring video on the history of Web 2.0:

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

The video’s quite well-written, fun, and imaginative. I think Brian would be proud.

I’m reminded of the famed Eames educational films which were also masterful in explaining complex ideas simply and elegantly. How can you forget Powers of Ten?

To contrast, here’s a more traditional lecture on Web 2.0:

Understanding Web 2.0

It’s certainly informative, but I’ve already forgotten it.

Thanks to Hugh Dubberly for pointing me to the first video.


  • Aaron

    gravatarFeb 8, 2007
    11:37 am

    Man, that 2nd one was such a snoozer I didn’t pass 10 seconds. I might have if it had been the first one, but who cares?

  • Morgan

    gravatarFeb 10, 2007
    9:40 am

    Did the narrator on the second one call Web 2.0 the “Somatic Web” instead of the “Semantic Web”? Sounds painful…

  • jet3000

    gravatarFeb 15, 2007
    8:34 am

    I agree. Switched off about 30 seconds into the second video. The first was much more effective. Getting you to read so fast makes it an attention-grabber. Listening to a monotone voice does not.