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GTD BedItching to join the cult of productivity but can’t find the space for filing cabinets in your tiny apartment? You might want to check out the apartment Tobias Wong lived in from 1998 to 2003. Being an ever clever designer and artist, Tobias combined the spacial constraints of New York living and a desire for organization to create a bed out of a simple piece of plywood and five steel filing cabinets. Now, there’s no reason to avoid filing!

What’s more interesting is Tobias using his apartment in his portfolio. I love this, because it shows how design is more than just about making pretty things, but about applying what we know well to realms that we might not know very well. Examples:

  1. Tobias Wong applied his design training to improve his everyday apartment life while creating a provocative art and design piece.

  2. Merlin Mann used his collective experience as a web developer, project manager, telemarketer, and rocker to design an icon system for Moleskine notebooks.

  3. David Allen, a former magician, waiter, karate teacher, used his body of knowledge to create Getting Things Done, a productivity system that’s become like crack-rock among IT workers in Silicon Valley.

Have more examples? Don’t hesitate to post them in the comments!


  • Alvin

    gravatarSep 14, 2006
    11:25 pm

    How about me? Using my graphical training (in 3d, a little in graphic design & web) minced together with my passion for NLP & stint in life coaching to give birth to the Life Coaches Blog?

    I find it fascinating that people from different fields can make great contributions to another one (someone like David Allen), perhaps because I’m someone with diverse interests.

    Shows you that you’re not limited by what you do at work or what you studied in school, but it’s the strength of your ideas that can carry you through.

  • kim

    gravatarMay 22, 2007
    10:06 am

    That doesn’t look very comfortable, day beds are a nice choice

  • Frans Holenberg

    gravatarOct 18, 2007
    11:04 am

    Hey can I get one of these beds too ?

  • NLP

    gravatarMar 17, 2008
    10:20 am

    Yup- it’s the strength of your ideas. After all, life is empty and meaningless- other than the meaning you ascribe to it.

    So, make sure you’re always full of empowering ideas. And you’ll fly far.

  • Meba

    gravatarDec 24, 2009
    1:20 am

    The perfect bed for getting things done… as long as its user isn’t concerned with getting ‘done.’