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iPhone Commercial RingtoneI love the ringtone at the end of every iPhone television ad. It’s simple, sweet, and unassuming. But strangely, it’s doesn’t come installed on the iPhone. You can’t even buy it from the iTunes Music Store. Fortunately, you can download it here for free:

To install, just download it. Then, use iTunes to put it on your iPhone.

The original source file actually comes with iLife, which ships with all new Macs. You can find it on your computer at this path:

  • /Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/iLife Sound Effects/Work – Home/Cell Phone Ringing.aif

Special thanks goes to Sean for converting the source file into an iPhone ringtone for me.


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  • Dustin

    gravatarApr 29, 2008
    7:41 am

    FINALLY! Thank you!

  • Brad

    gravatarApr 29, 2008
    3:25 pm

    Sorry to be blunt or anything, but wasn’t this a blog about design and life? A few months ago, everything changed. You started making two posts a month, you started doing random posts, and most of them had nothing to do with your original topic. I’m sorry to say this, but I might have to unsubscribe. I thought you would be like Lifehacker, maybe even better, but everything has been going downhill.

    Delete my comment if you like, because it is off-topic, but please PLEASE beef up your information and stick to the topic.

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarApr 29, 2008
    4:49 pm

    Hey Brad, no need to be sorry.

    I’m workin’ hard to stay on topic and post more frequently, specifically concentrating on design and productivity topics. In fact the last few posts have been about design or life hacks. As for this iPhone post, I simply thought it was cool and wanted to share.

    I’m also trying to have a life outside of blogging, since I barely get out of the house anymore. I’d be sorry to see you go, but understand if you do. If you have any other suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment or email me.

  • Long

    gravatarApr 29, 2008
    7:58 pm

    I put it in iTunes and synced it with my iPhone, but it’s not appearing in the Ringtone list on my iPhone. I also verified that I checked the proper boxes before syncing. Is there something more to do?

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarApr 29, 2008
    10:16 pm

    Hey Long, not exactly sure why it’s not showing up. It should appear at the top of the Ringtone screen under the “Custom” category. Have you tried restarting the iPhone?

  • Eric Davis

    gravatarApr 30, 2008
    7:52 am

    Nope, similar but NOT the actual commercial ringtone. I wish it was.

    Where can we find the actual tone? Probably created by the commercial producers.

  • chad

    gravatarApr 30, 2008
    9:25 am

    From what I have read, the ringtone in the commercials WAS created by the ad company. However there is nothing to substantiate that rumour.

  • RA

    gravatarApr 30, 2008
    10:50 am

    “Sweet?” That’s the worst ringtone I’ve ever heard. Let’s “Marimba,” people!

  • kosso

    gravatarApr 30, 2008
    11:24 am

    If you rename the .m4r file as .m4a, you can open it in Quicktime and export to whatever you want (if Pro) ;)

    I did a post a while ago, wondering what the default iPhone ringtone might be on my blog http://kosso.wordpress.com/2007/02/22/iphone-default-ringtone/

    There’s another one there to download too ;)

  • Travis Bell

    gravatarApr 30, 2008
    9:07 pm

    Yup, good work. It really is a nice ring.

  • Ed

    gravatarMay 1, 2008
    4:03 am

    Doesn’t sound like the same one to me… It’s not quite the same pitch. Though, of course they could have processed it somewhat before using it…

  • Tice

    gravatarMay 1, 2008
    4:58 am

    As far as I can hear this is an old NOKIA ringtone I used to use on my Nokia 6210. The sound in the ad is smoother: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldjHqHC6szA

  • Enrico

    gravatarMay 1, 2008
    1:59 pm

    Hello Brad! Glad to find the Ringtone here finally. I published a post in my german blog about this and linked to your site from http://www.sonoya.com/iphone-missing-ringtone-klingelton-aus-der-apple-werbung-download-herunterladen.html Best wishes from Germany!

  • Dave

    gravatarMay 2, 2008
    12:40 pm

    Nicely done! Been looking for this since I heard it on tv (like everyone else). Thanks much for sharing the great find.

  • KAY.T

    gravatarMay 2, 2008
    3:03 pm

    well anywayssssssssssss i have an “IPHONE ” and i just wanted to say thanks for the links to the ringer my friend luv it and just like you said your trying to have a life outside of blogging and you thought it was cool and wanted to share. so ……….dont let anything stop you from doing that….

  • Henri Watson

    gravatarMay 3, 2008
    6:08 pm

    NOTE: This ringtone is also in iLife 07

  • Frank

    gravatarMay 4, 2008
    5:19 pm

    I don’t want to hijack the thread, but on more of a design note… I just noticed the other day that the screen shot you show in your post is still the same one that is shown at the end of all the iPhone ads. The thing that bugs me though, when i have a photo of a contact that is ringing me, it shows up full screen, not as a thumbnail in the top bar. I’ve looked around and not been able to find an option relating to this. It only bugs me because, as far as i can tell, the UI in the commercial is not the production model UI, which seems like a weird slip up for apple to make… or i’m just stupid and have just misses the option.

  • Simon

    gravatarMay 5, 2008
    5:45 am

    I found the contact photo appears there when it’s been imported directly from address book rather then added on the phone.

  • Lou

    gravatarMay 6, 2008
    1:46 pm

    Yes. To get small icons instead of full screen, when using a mac – allow the user’s address book picture to come from a buddy icon, or a drag/dropped image into address book, rather than setting them on the phone.

  • CG

    gravatarJun 12, 2008
    7:31 pm

    I downloaded the ringtone & put it in itunes but it will not let me move it to the ringtone folder of itunes. How do I get it there so I can sync it & have it on my phone as a ringtone? Thanks!

  • sammyP

    gravatarAug 1, 2008
    7:26 am

    Gosh, but Apple, being the arbiter of all that is cool, must be verrrrry careful about what it features in its tv spots…for fear of starting some stampede somewhere towards some snippet of sound. Sheesh.

  • Befreiphone

    gravatarSep 10, 2008
    3:57 am

    I just downloaded the ringtone! I don`t like it.

  • woodstudent

    gravatarSep 10, 2008
    2:02 pm

    student glass sea vacant right all woman mail ibm joke

  • Andy Loren

    gravatarSep 14, 2008
    1:47 pm

    I have been looking for the everywere! Thanks for this post. I had to subscribe for this!

  • cen

    gravatarSep 25, 2008
    6:30 pm

    thank you for the info. I always like ringtones on my phone.

  • joel

    gravatarSep 27, 2008
    10:47 pm

    I love Apple, but I have to admit I got tired of marimba in a month. And this one is makes me edgy! In my ongoing search for a mellow ringtone that doesn’t raise my blood pressure I went ahead and made a ringtone collection called Zen, and posted them at http://www.iringpro.com . It’s all about letting me know the phone is ringing – without being startling.

  • whitney

    gravatarOct 2, 2008
    7:39 am

    When I install the ringtone into iTunes it says I can’t add it as a ringtone because I didn’t “purchase it from iTunes.”

    Any tips on how to get around this?

  • wrecks

    gravatarFeb 23, 2009
    5:04 pm

    If you want your own ring tones on any phone, easy as owning a mac.

    1. Import any song from your music list in iTunes into Garage Band.

    2. Select the bit you want to use, about 25 seconds.

    3. Edit by splitting the track, then delete the unwanted parts.

    4. Move the selected bit to the start of the track.

    5. Save as an an MP3 file under the “share” drop down.

    6. Export to the phone using blue tooth.

    Send this info to other blogs if you find it useful.


  • Chenjiaqi

    gravatarMay 31, 2009
    10:54 pm

    good Save as an an MP3 file under the –œshare– drop down.

    Export to the phone using blue tooth.

  • Carlos

    gravatarJun 2, 2009
    12:14 am

    hey i need urgent help, I bought this song in iTunes and i created the 30 second ringtone.. I bought the ringtone and i saved it in the itunes. When I synced the ringtone into my iphone, it appeared as a ringtone but it doesnt ring!… what do i do??.. i tried everything!!… plz heelp

  • Thom@DownloadRingtones

    gravatarSep 29, 2009
    4:36 am

    Wow I’ve been looking for this ringtone for a long time. Nice share! Now I can download this simple but lovely ringtone for Free for my newly bought iPhone.

  • girl

    gravatarNov 6, 2009
    11:32 pm

    hey there im having the same problem long did with my iphonee :( some one give me a hand?

  • Kimberly

    gravatarNov 11, 2009
    10:16 am

    I purchased a ringtone synced and it is in my itunes libary but not on my phone. How do I get it on my phone to use it.

  • Audiogeek

    gravatarNov 20, 2009
    7:51 am

    I’ve made some cool ringtones with garageband and i’ve been posting them at http://www.iphoneringtones.ca you can download from there for free :) and post if you have some cool ones.

  • Brittany

    gravatarDec 26, 2009
    9:26 am

    I too am having the same issue as Long, Girl, and Kimberly. Has anyone come up with a solution?

  • ONO

    gravatarJan 11, 2010
    12:39 pm

    I downloaded a ringtone from ITunes, it is now loaded on my iphone, it is located in my ipond music list but it won’t show up on my ringtones when I try to assign it to a contact, can someone PLEASE HELP! I did sync my iphone and did sync it with the iphone ringtones and new downloads, but it still won’t show up for me to add to a contact.

  • Jesse Brazier 111

    gravatarJan 25, 2010
    5:08 pm

    I bought some ringtones for the first time and when I wanted to access them I could no problem. Then when I bought some more a few weeks ago after I synced them to my computer they only show the first set of ringtones I bought and not the new set of ringtones I bought. When I go back go iTunes it says u already purchased this ringtones and asks to buy it again. Why would I have to pay for it again when I already did? Can somebody help me find out where my missing ringtones are so i won’t have to waist money? Thanks

  • michael

    gravatarFeb 11, 2010
    9:54 pm

    To those whose ringtones aren’t available on the phone. I was having the same problem and just got around it. Drag the .m4r file into the computer’s library; then from the computer’s library-ringtones list to the phone. Not the phone’s ringtone list, but the phone itself, on the left hand menu. Then it should be available. Hope that helps.

  • gaylelyn

    gravatarMar 27, 2010
    7:57 pm

    i can not find the ringtone that ive allready downloaded onto my iphone from funformobile.com its says down load complete but where do i go to find it on my iphone. ?

  • Aaron

    gravatarApr 2, 2010
    12:21 am

    For those people who are having trouble transferring .m4r files to their iPhones, I was having that problem too and it was because the ringtones were over 40 seconds in length. As soon as I cut them down to 40 seconds, they appeared in the custom folder of my ringtones on my iPhones.

  • joanie

    gravatarMay 15, 2010
    12:11 am

    i downloaded a ringtone of itunes but it wont let me set it as my ringtone help?????

  • Rhiane Jane Gere

    gravatarJun 22, 2010
    5:31 pm

    Hey! Is there another sites where I can download ringtones for free except for the itunes?

  • ross

    gravatarJul 9, 2010
    4:03 am

    i downloaded a few ringtones from itunes and they are sitting in music and wont let me set them as ringtones

    help me please

  • shanti

    gravatarJul 14, 2010
    9:54 am

    Thank a lot for that download for the iphone ad ringtone,its brilliant and its the loudest ringtone i have found.Much appreciated.

    thanks again