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I was searching hard and furious for apartments on Craigslist, when I thought, “Gosh, wouldn’t it be a lot easier if I could get my apartment matches via an RSS feed?”

Lo and behold, you can.

Craigslist RSS Link

Tucked in the lower right corner of every search results page is an RSS link. Click it to subscribe, and you’ll get matches sent straight to your feed reader. So instead of you going back search again and again for new listings, the results come to you.

This feature isn’t limited to apartment hunts. You can subscribe to every single search query on the site. This includes searches for jobs, furniture, events, and ahem.. casual encounters.

For example, here are some feeds I made:

I also made one for mid-century design furniture in San Francisco. It even has pictures:

Craigslist Feed

Oh, how I love thee, RSS!


  • Wolftag

    gravatarMay 24, 2007
    11:44 pm

    A few people have made mashups between the craigslist RSS feeds and Google maps.
    Here’s one: http://www.housingmaps.com/

  • Aman-About-Town

    gravatarMay 25, 2007
    5:46 pm

    Confluence! I had just added Craigslist’s RSS feed to my Google homepage then looked to see what else was new on other feeds I read and right below it was this post.

  • SheriVan

    gravatarMay 25, 2007
    10:33 pm

    I’ve been a subscriber to two Craigslist RSS job feeds for several months now! My secret is out.

  • elysa

    gravatarMay 30, 2007
    6:55 am

    I think this is a great find and I didn’t already know about it. I will be adding a few searches to my reader today. Thanks for the tip.

  • Christine

    gravatarJul 9, 2007
    8:40 pm

    Chanpory – you don’t happen to have a trick to make the images show up, do you? They show up for my other subscriptions, but sadly, not for my Craigslist feeds.

    Thanks for the great tips!

  • Chanpory

    gravatarJul 10, 2007
    10:01 pm

    Hey Christine,

    I just did another test feed, and strangely it seems that pics only appear on some of the feed entries, not all of them, even if you subscribe to a search results for image-only posts.

    Anyone else have any idea?

  • Antonio

    gravatarSep 30, 2007
    1:36 pm

    A similar program but this one is for Windows.

    You can learn more about CLSearch or Craigslist Multi-City Search at their website at http://www.craigslistcompanion.com/CLSearch.php?Section=Craigslist-Multi-City-Search

    Best of all, it is a free download.

  • Fabio

    gravatarDec 16, 2007
    1:01 am

    I use http://www.craigspal.com

    I’ve try almost anything and this is truly the only tool that does the job in style.

  • Ben

    gravatarDec 17, 2007
    3:17 am

    Here’s a website that’s free and will send you an email or text message whenever something you’re searching for appears on craigslist:


  • Fred

    gravatarFeb 12, 2008
    9:25 pm

    I use http://bouncingknee.com/?page_id=24 Craigslist Search Pro…it’s quick, free and works!

  • pete

    gravatarMar 23, 2008
    7:54 am

    All of these recommendations require you to be in front of your computer, or have your computer running.

    http://ListListener.com will filter Craigslist posts for you by city, category, KEYWORD AND PRICE and then email you when a matching post hits. You can even have it sent to your mobile phone.

  • Craigslist Search

    gravatarMay 17, 2008
    11:00 pm

    Just To Update you all, CLSearch V2.60 is available now. You can multiple city search craigslist with picture preview now.


  • Craigslist-Search.Com

    gravatarJun 16, 2008
    2:22 pm

    This is a new craigslist mashup site that just came out a few days ago.

    Pretty cool so far. http://www.craigslist-search.com

  • Matt

    gravatarJun 30, 2008
    8:34 pm

    This one allows some multi city searches and has pictures and descriptions in the results. Pretty cool and seems to be updated regularly. Enjoy! http://cl.pixelspotlight.com/

  • Craigslist-Search.Com

    gravatarJul 7, 2008
    11:57 am

    Update to my last comment.

    Now you can search craigslist kijiji and oodle at once with http://www.craigslist-search.com

    If you use firefox, you can even see the craigslist picture previews in your search result.

  • Eric

    gravatarAug 1, 2008
    1:27 pm

    Thanks! I was trying to use the RSS icon in my address bar, but it doesn’t work! The link in the corner sure does, though. Thanks!

  • Mac

    gravatarAug 19, 2008
    10:03 pm

    How about http://www.craigstoolbox.com? Shows the images right below the search results.

  • N

    gravatarSep 6, 2008
    8:55 pm

    Anyone solve the problem of images only showing up some of the time?

  • Eric

    gravatarSep 24, 2008
    2:56 pm

    You can also try http://www.CLGenie.com. I personally like CLGenie since the emails contain a localized eBay search in addition to new Craigslist listings.

  • Josh

    gravatarNov 13, 2008
    2:11 am

    All the links above are dead. Looks like craigslist is quick with putting down search sites.

    try http://craigslook.com – this one still works fine

  • Kerry

    gravatarNov 23, 2008
    12:07 pm

    I can’t seem to get the pictures to show up in Google Reader, anyone figure out how to make that work?

  • -S-Tream-

    gravatarDec 3, 2008
    7:11 pm

    Very nice article, thank you.

    I did some research on my own a while ago and found that there are a few sites that help you navigate entire craigslist, not just one city.

    Here’s my favourite: http://www.craiglook.com Hope it helps!

  • Dustin

    gravatarDec 11, 2008
    11:05 am

    My guess is that the few images that are showing up in RSS feed readers, such as Google Reader, are the ones where the person who posted the add used HTML to add images to their post. If they use the standard image uploader on Craigslist then you won’t see the images in your feed reader. That’s a real bummer.

  • edoceo

    gravatarJan 10, 2009
    11:53 pm

    I’ve been using this one


    It’s OK, they seem to update it fairly often with new features and stuff

  • Nick

    gravatarApr 25, 2009
    7:44 pm

    I didn’t realize that not only can you subscribe to a category RSS Feed but also a category with search parameters Feed! How cool!

  • computers for less

    gravatarNov 19, 2009
    9:46 pm

    This is some of the best craigslist searching information I have seen. I was thinking about building my own, but have about three options to review. Great information here!

  • SS

    gravatarJan 20, 2010
    10:24 am

    What is the update limit to update a RSS feed on craigslist?

  • anna

    gravatarFeb 6, 2010
    6:47 pm

    just saying, we just tested craigslook.com and it was not quick in updating to a test post.

  • Gib

    gravatarMar 17, 2010
    5:11 pm

    I enjoy browsing, but would like to eliminate certain items, dealers, etc. I don’t always have something specific in mind, but don’t want to waste time on things I know I DON’T. Any wat to set up such a search?????

  • Joshua

    gravatarMar 18, 2010
    7:58 pm

    Unfortunately for us web designers it’s super hard to find jobs now because EVERY web designer knows about this RSS feed feature.

  • jen

    gravatarApr 1, 2010
    9:18 am

    OK I’m new with craiglist I posted some items to sell . But when people are interested in my items they email me with this Hi Is this still available? I left an offer for it on MessageStoresCom, my number is 111-75373. Were can I find this messagestorescom and how do I get so i can see the #. Please help desperate.

  • Steven

    gravatarJul 28, 2010
    5:35 pm

    Came across this article via Google, and found a solution to the image display problem: http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/pipe.info?id=YJYsrdrF3RG3SGwbbsjiw

  • Uke

    gravatarJul 30, 2010
    2:48 am

    Is there tool to receive full new ads from Craiglist on email ? – not just alerts of them? All what was named here give out only the list of the ads, actually, what you getting is just the search result as youd get it on Craiglist itself. So my question is: is there any way to receive on your email the FULL ads THEMSELVES separately, with email addresses to reply - - so I wouldnt need to go to the Craiglist itself at all ? (The closest thing I tried was CraigListReader program, but the free version of it only shows full ads with emails in the program itself – and I`d like to be able to get this on my email…) Thank you very much in advance! :)

  • Anthony Abraira

    gravatarAug 26, 2010
    6:24 am

    Looks like this feature is down now. I haven’t been able to see the feed in over a week.