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ColourModNeed a quick way to pick and convert color values without opening Photoshop?

Check out the free widget with funny British spelling, ColourMod. This handy widget lets you pick colors and automatic convert their values into CYMK, RGB, HSV, and Hex. All at a glance.

It’s available for both Dashboard (Mac) and Yahoo! Widget Engine, formerly known as Konfabulator (PC & Mac).

Despite the hideous renaming of Konfabulator, it’s still worth the download:

ColourMod (Mac)
ColourMod (PC & Mac, requires Yahoo! Widget Engine)


  • JMTee

    gravatarNov 21, 2006
    9:55 am

    Nothing funny in the spelling to me.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarNov 21, 2006
    1:26 pm

    Hey JMTee. You’re right, I was only jesting. Actually, American English spelling is often more inconsistent than British spelling.

  • George

    gravatarNov 22, 2006
    2:46 am

    Use paintbrush. It doesn’t give hex code, but you can easily use rgb format when styling.

  • Julien

    gravatarNov 22, 2006
    3:41 pm

    There is also “La boite à couleurs” for Windows XP: http://pourpre.com/colorbox/indexen.php (doesn’t require the Yahoo widget engine)