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Quicksilver menusQuicksilver, the miracle shortcut tool for the Mac, should have its own Marvel Comics movie. It just has too many features and mutant abilities to ignore.

Yasser Dehab of The Apple Blog adds to this neverending list by showing you how to use Quicksilver to access every menu item in any Mac application.

He explains the benefit:

Now you’re probably thinking, “Great. I just accomplished in about 20 keystrokes what I used to do with a point and click. This helps me, how?â€? Well, hold on. It gets better.

The beauty of Quicksilver is that it actually learns how you like to use it. For instance, we can start by defining a trigger that automatically brings up the QS bezel with the menu bar items (I use ctrl + cmd + space, you can use whatever you’d like). Using that trigger, you can teach Quicksilver commands by typing and selecting the command that you’d like.

For instance, you can evoke the menu using your new trigger and then type “vâ€? (for view) and “cuâ€? (for clean up). Now you can easily execute View > Clean Up through a quick series of keystrokes. You can do this for all of your frequent commands. Or, if you’re a keyboard nut who’s really into the whole QS thing, you can create triggers for each dropdown menu. The possibilities are really endless, and can save your precious seconds in front of the computer.

Yes, this means all you shortcut-obsessed designers can now create keystrokes for those deeply buried Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign menus. Of course, it’s also quite useful in non-design applications with elaborate, cumbersome, and often illogical menus—-Microsoft Office.

Check out the full walkthrough.

via The Apple Blog


  • HJ

    gravatarNov 1, 2006
    12:06 pm

    I used to use Quicksilver all the time when I had my PowerBook G4, and I loved it, but since I’ve started a new job that uses exclusively PCs, I miss it really badly. Does anyone know of a Quicksilver-clone for the Windows enivironment? I would be eternally grateful!

  • Phil Bowell

    gravatarNov 1, 2006
    12:13 pm

    I know of an app called Launchy thats pretty similar. It doesn;t have the depth of QS but it is a launcher and looks nice! No idea what its like to use as I have a Mac!

  • Chanpory

    gravatarNov 1, 2006
    7:32 pm

    Here’s a thread that has some suggestions for Quicksilver-like applications for windows:


    Suggestions, in addition to Launchy as Phil mentioned above, include:


    Hope that helps!

  • hove

    gravatarNov 3, 2006
    12:17 pm

    on photoshop on a pc, you dont even really have to use the mouse for repetitive tasks by using the alt key, and the alt shortcuts. i guess this is the mac’s alternative… maybe i should reinstall quicksilver.

  • Christina

    gravatarNov 3, 2006
    7:16 pm

    Mmmm, Quicksilver. I don’t know what I would do without it. Saves so so so much time, and for someone that’s always doing about 6 things at once and needs her computer to be FAST, it’s perfect. I hardly ever actually launch apps from the Dock anymore. I haven’t used it for menus, but perhaps I’ll try that, thanks for the tip.

  • RaymonWazerri

    gravatarApr 20, 2007
    5:59 pm

    Hey, I love what you’e doing! Don’t ever change and best of luck.

    Raymon W.

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    gravatarDec 1, 2007
    3:50 am

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