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Dec 18, 2007

Unstuck Your Writing With an Email

Dear Reader, I have friends who write effortlessly like superheroes. Crank 500 words in 2 seconds? No problem. Others sweat uncontrollably, hyperventilate, and tremble at the mere thought of writing. If writing stirs a panic attack in you, try this: start with an email. Instead of launching an imposing behemoth like Microsoft Word, call up […]

Jun 20, 2007

10 tips for beating blogger's block

You’ve been there. You sit down, ready to write the next killer blog post, only to have your mind go totally blank. Then, your brain clutters up with fluffy thoughts of melted chocolate, lust-inducing iPhones, and unicorns. (Or is that just me?) Even if you don’t blog, you know the agony and frustration of losing […]

Mar 15, 2007

Writing Tip: Don’t be Alberto Gonzales

Want to be a better writer? Just let Albert Gonzales show you what not to do. Recently, Gonzales took ownership of the controversial firing of eight US federal prosecuters. Or did he?

Oct 31, 2006

5 writing tips that don’t suck

Tired of lame writing tips? Check out Brian Clark’s Copyblogger, a collection of non-sucky tips for blog writing. It’s quickly become my favorite writing blog. Brian’s advice is approachable, concise, and never pedantic. Here are his recent Hemingway-inspired tips: Use short sentences Use short first paragraphs Use vigorous English Be positive, not negative Never have […]

Oct 19, 2006

Want your own wiki? Find the right one with these four sites

It’s true, setting up your own wiki can be torturous to configure and customize. But don’t let their apparent complexity get the better of you. Several sites can help you choose a wiki solution to match your (un)willingness to get your hands dirty with code. To sort through the mess, here are my favorite wiki […]