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Mar 30, 2007

Apple’s secret spellchecker

<img src=’http://www.lifeclever.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/apple_spellcheck.jpg’ alt=’Apple’s secret spellchecker’ class=”large” />LifeClever reader Frank points out an awesome Mac OS X feature I never knew existed: check spelling as you type. I dug up the official description from Apple’s site:

Mar 30, 2007

How to fix dumb speling misteaks in InDesign

<img src=’http://www.lifeclever.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/indesigndynamicspell_checking.jpg’ alt=’InDesign’s Dynamic Spell Checking’ class=”large”/>I’ve been making alot of dumb speling misteaks lately. It happens to the best of us. A deadline approaches. You rush. You finish. Finally, you send it out–not realizing it’s tainted with typos.