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Jan 3, 2008

1Password to Rule Them All

It’s tough keepin’ up with the gluttony of “insanely great” Mac utilities. Everyday, VersionTracker lists scores of new apps ready to tweak, optimize, and organize all the crap on your computer. For the most part, I ignore them. Usually, they’re so buggy and poorly designed, I just send them straight to trash after trying them […]

Apr 26, 2007

Keep your Mac updated with AppFresh

If you like to keep an arsenal of software on your Mac, you know how tedious it is to keep your apps up-to-date. AppFresh 0.4 promises to simplify this process: AppFresh is an utility that keeps all applications on your Mac up to date by checking the internet for new releases and makes downloading and […]

Apr 3, 2007

10 Quicksilver alternatives for Windows

Colibri[Quicksilver,][1] the Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps, does just about everything but file your taxes and bake you warm delicious cookies.

Mar 27, 2007

Adobe CS3: Worth the wait?

Adobe just dropped the long awaited CS3 bomb. With six different configurations, Macworld is already calling it the “largest release in Adobe’s history.” Of course, the best part is the one million new features that’ll make you feel like a loser newbie all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled for Intel-native speed improvements […]

Feb 12, 2007

Freeware of the week: Shades (Mac)

Better brightness control for your Mac As computer displays become brighter and larger, most controls for setting brightness levels remain crude. Apple’s latest displays, for example, are still very bright even at the minimum brightness setting. For designers and others spending hours in front of a computer, the inevitable consequences are sore eyes and headaches. […]

Dec 12, 2006

Get 10 insanely great Mac apps for under 50 bucks

MacHeist is bundling 10 award-winning Mac Apps for a fantastic price of $49. To get into the season, 25% of the sale goes to a charity of your choice. The bundle includes: Delicious Library FotoMagico ShapeShifter Devonthink Personal Disco RapidWeaver iClip 4 One game by Pangea NewsFire (unlocked when $50k charity is raised) TextMate (unlocked […]

Sep 15, 2006

One-click downloads on VersionTracker

My poor MacBook is still in the shop, but I wanted to end the week with a little tip for you: Being a lover of exciting new software, I’m often trolling VersionTracker for the latest applications to download and try. What’s most irritating, though, is the number of clicks it takes to download a file. […]

Aug 15, 2006

Data visualizations keep spreadsheets sexy

The Michelle Pfeiffer of software, Microsoft Excel manages to remain sexy despite its age. The blog at Juice Analytics is ripe with clever ways to keep those spreadsheets looking good. Several tips spread across three posts reveal clever ways to visualize data within spreadsheet cells. The first post covers showing bar graphs within cells. A […]

Jul 12, 2006

Firefox turns 2.0! (almost)

A public beta release of Firefox 2.0 is just around the corner. But for those impatient (nerdy) souls who just can’t wait any longer, go ahead and check out the current beta release candidate available now from Mozilla. Notable new features include: The ability to undo closing a tab A built in real-time spell checker […]