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Entries about shortcuts

Nov 20, 2006

Instantly create zip archives with a keystroke

A convenient and often forgotten feature of Mac OS X is its built-in ability to create zip archives. Just select any file or folder, go to the File Menu and select Create Archive. Voila! Instant .zip archive. No third-party software needed. Make this even better by attaching a custom keyboard shortcut to the menu item–another […]

Nov 1, 2006

The Apple Blog: Access any Mac menu with Quicksilver

Quicksilver, the miracle shortcut tool for the Mac, should have its own Marvel Comics movie. It just has too many features and mutant abilities to ignore. Yasser Dehab of The Apple Blog adds to this neverending list by showing you how to use Quicksilver to access every menu item in any Mac application. He explains […]

Aug 14, 2006

Keyboard shortcuts for your bookmarks in any browser

In Safari, you can press Command+1 through Command+9 to quickly open bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. Command+1 opens the first bookmark, Command+2 opens the second, and so on. Very cool, but what if you don’t use Safari? For months, I’ve been looking for a way to access bookmarks with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox. Finally, it […]