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Aug 26, 2007

5 reasons why Helio’s "Total Happiness Guarantee" is baloney

I’m a pretty easy-going guy, but I just got off the phone with Helio, and I’m pissed. On May 11, I bought a Helio Ocean to replace my beloved Sidekick 3. After trying out the Ocean’s terrible interface, I decided to return it and get my money back. Returning it was easy, but after two […]

Jun 26, 2007

iPhone: A sweet and simple setup

The iPhone debuts to crowds of feverish fans this Friday. I’m definitely waiting in line, though I probably won’t be camping out in a tent like I did at the Apple Store San Francisco grand opening. Everyone and their momma is buzzing about the numerous iPhone features (and lack of). But the most revolutionary feature […]

Aug 27, 2006

MyBlogLog: A place for bloggers and those who love them

MyBlogLog Communities is a new social network centered around blogs. Users create profiles for themselves, like a typical social network. But blog authors can also create communities for their blogs. Readers join those communities to meet the authors and other readers. The service could use some polish (it’s in beta, like any self respecting Web […]

Jun 23, 2006

I just want someone to talk to, damnit!

Nothing causes me more dread than having to call a customer service number. We’ve all been there. Something goes awry with a credit card account, phone bill, or exclusive macramé membership, and the only action left is to call a number for help. Sadly, help usually comes in the form of confusing phone menus, redirections, […]