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May 1, 2007

Trig: Designer filing cabinet for cheap

For the past year, I’ve searched for an affordable, good-looking filing cabinet for my home office. Unfortunately, “cheap” and “designer” don’t often mix these days. I had two choices. Get a cheap beige metal box from Office Depot or spend a whole paycheck on a chic filing cabinet from Vitra, Steelcase, or DWR. I had […]

Apr 20, 2007

Yay! An official OmniFocus sneak peek

OmniFocus screenshot

Hungry for a killer GTD app? Check out the first official screenshot and feature list for OmniFocus, the much-anticipated GTD app from The Omni Group.

Check it out:

Apr 19, 2007

Quicksilver + YubNub: Rapid web searches and more

Quicksilver YubNub Mashup

What do you get when you marry Quicksilver’s powerful WebSearch plug-in with YubNub’s equally potent command-line web service?

A super duper web search tool that lets you:

  • Search 10,500+ sites and tools including Google, Wikipedia, IMDB, eBay, and Craigslist through one common interface

  • Instantly call up this interface from anywhere in the system with a single keyboard shortcut–without even being in a browser.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Apr 3, 2007

10 Quicksilver alternatives for Windows

Colibri[Quicksilver,][1] the Swiss Army Knife of productivity apps, does just about everything but file your taxes and bake you warm delicious cookies.

Mar 26, 2007

4 productivity secrets from the other Getting Things Done book

<img src=’http://www.lifeclever.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/gtd_1976.jpg’ alt=’Edward Bliss’s Getting Things Done’ class=”large” />David Allen’s Getting Things Done is a phenomenal hit. But before it spawned a new productivity cult, another book with the same title also tried to banish the i’ll-do-it-later bug plaguing us. Published in 1976, Edwin Bliss’s Getting Things Done: The ABCs of Time Management didn’t make […]

Mar 22, 2007

Behance: Create a more productive office with Action Areas

Devotees and dabblers of GTD know a bit about action lists. But what about physical action areas? Behance, maker of productivity pr0n gear, tried it out. All it took was a little bit of tape: One frigid November day, the Behance Team tried a bit of an experiment. We designated two areas of our loft-space […]

Mar 19, 2007

Roundup: 17 interviews with GTD master, David Allen

Do you go to sleep with a copy of Getting Things Done on your pillow? Does the sound of David Allen’s voice soothe your geek soul? If so, here’s the ultimate list of David Allen interviews to feed your obsession: Audio 1. Productivity Talk: 43 Folders meets David Allen Merlin Mann: “This was a lot […]

Dec 12, 2006

Get 10 insanely great Mac apps for under 50 bucks

MacHeist is bundling 10 award-winning Mac Apps for a fantastic price of $49. To get into the season, 25% of the sale goes to a charity of your choice. The bundle includes: Delicious Library FotoMagico ShapeShifter Devonthink Personal Disco RapidWeaver iClip 4 One game by Pangea NewsFire (unlocked when $50k charity is raised) TextMate (unlocked […]

Oct 18, 2006

Kiss your boring dry erase markers goodbye!

If you’re embarassed by mundane office supplies, check out [TUL Dry Erase Markers.](http://www.tul.com “TUL home) Part of OfficeMax’s new brand of affordable designer writing tools, these markers are surprisingly cute and clever. Each marker has a magnetic body that sticks to most whiteboards, a comfort grip, and a built-in eraser cap. I get weirdly excited […]

Sep 11, 2006

Where to find Getting Things Done Fast for free

Recently, Merlin Mann of 43Folders got a copy of the extremely rare audio recording, Getting Things Done Fast. According to Dr. Merlin, the eight CDs provide greater insight into how to implement GTD: I have to say it’s really, really good. Totally goes into every corner of the five phases, amounting to the kind of […]

Sep 6, 2006

The perfect bed for Getting Things Done

Itching to join the cult of productivity but can’t find the space for filing cabinets in your tiny apartment? You might want to check out the apartment Tobias Wong lived in from 1998 to 2003. Being an ever clever designer and artist, Tobias combined the spacial constraints of New York living and a desire for […]

Sep 4, 2006

No time for news? Get it at a glance on your desktop

If you’re feeling guilty for not keeping up with the news, try Newsmap. The site varies headlines by size and color depending on how much coverage a news item gets. This lets you quickly see top news items as well as biases and trends in news coverage. You can see Newsmap with a flick of […]

Aug 30, 2006

Midnight Inbox: An easy-to-understand GTD system for the Mac?

If you haven’t gotten around to implementing David Allen’s Getting Things Done, system, because of a lack of clear and easy-to-use programs, you may now be in luck. Midnight Beep has just released a public beta of Midnight Inbox, a new GTD application for the Mac. I have been using another system, Kinkless GTD, for […]

Aug 28, 2006

Get to the point with subject-only emails

We’re often compelled to write an email by filling out both the subject line and the body. Within the body, we might even have a salutation, a closing, and a signature. If you have a quick message to send, skip the body, and shorten your message to just the subject line: Shorter is better A […]

Aug 22, 2006

30 seconds to an empty email Inbox

We all want to control the barrage of emails hurling at us everyday, but often the task is just too daunting. Perhaps, you read Merlin Mann’s Inbox Makeover tutorial or Gina Trapani’s Trusted Trio system for managing email. You might have said, “Wow, this is great and makes a lot of sense. I’m gonna do […]

Aug 2, 2006

Wired Magazine celebrates productivity

This month’s Wired Magazine cements the cult of productivity with a celebration of how-to’s for “work, live, and play.” Master satiricist, Stephen Colbert, graces the cover and has an article called “Be an Expert on Anything.” The full issue’s available on newsstands now, but if you’re cheap, the special insert is available free online and […]