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May 13, 2008

10 Reasons Why Your Online Portfolio Sucks

Kyle Meyer of Astheria has an excellent post on why online portfolios just plain suck. He must be reading my mind, because I was just about to write about my intense hatred for online portfolios. Thankfully, Kyle’s saved me the trouble. He’s combed 200 online portfolios to find these 7 common mistakes: Bad navigation Zoomed […]

Nov 29, 2007

You are More than Your Portfolio

Erik Spiekermann once told me, “Portfolios don’t matter. You hire the person, not the portfolio.” Like Erik, the statement’s bold. But he’s got a point. Your portfolio demonstrates what you already know, not your potential for learning, adapting, and growing. Sure, a portfolio shows competency. At the minimum, you should know how to read, write, […]