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Jul 10, 2008

Portfolio 101: Just Use Your Own Name, Dammit

I’m seeing a lot of design portfolios with titles like “Beyond Imagination” or “Passions” or “Reflections” or “Curiosity.” With all these vaguely conceptual names, it’s like taking a nauseating stroll through the Macy’s perfume department. Instead of titling your portfolio like the latest celebrity scent, why not just use your own name? Here’s my rationale: […]

Mar 25, 2008

Portfolio Day might make you cry, but it’s worth it

If you’re looking for a design job right out of school, then AIGA Portfolio Day is your best chance to schmooze with local designers who might be hiring. Even if you’re not looking for a job, it’s the best way to get useful feedback on your portfolio–even if the reviewers make you cry. Just remember, […]

Aug 8, 2007

Where to show off your work (and get noticed)

After 6 years as a professional designer, there’s one reason why I still don’t have an online portfolio: it’s a pain in the ass to create and maintain. Online portfolios just involve labor-intensive design, coding, updating, and promoting. I know I’ll eventually get around to making a stellar online portfolio. But for now, I need […]

Jul 25, 2007

10 portfolios that get right to the point

I’m not a fan of online portfolios. Why? Because most sites bury the actual work under layers of splash pages, flash animations, clunky page navigation, and jargony copywriting. These gimmicks show technical prowess and cleverness but reek of overcompensation. When designing your next online portfolio, don’t get too fancy. Just get to the point, and […]

May 18, 2007

Portfolio tip: Look real by faking it

What’s an easy way to improve your design portfolio? Make your work look real. Did you design a killer poster? Show it hanging on wall or on a billboard. If it’s a magazine, take a picture of someone reading it. A web page? Put it in a browser and show it on a monitor. In […]

Apr 17, 2007

Show & tell: Chanpory’s portfolio

PortfolioSince I’ll be reviewing portfolios in June, it’s only fair I show you mine, right?

If you’re curious, here are a few spreads from my portfolio:

Apr 12, 2007

So you wanna know what I really think?

Here’s your chance. On June 2nd, I’ll be reviewing student portfolios at AIGA’s annual portfolio day in San Francisco. If you’re in the area and want my opinion about your design work, make sure to sign up. It’ll be my fourth year reviewing and the work generally ranges from dismal to promising. I’m direct, but […]