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Jan 9, 2008

Can’t Miss: Macworld Expo 2008, Baby!

It’s that happy-joy-joy time of the year again. Yes, Macworld Expo kicks off next week in San Francisco on January 15th. Steve will be delivering the keynote, and is expected to entice Apple fans with a new mouthwatering product. The rumor mills are abuzz with whispers of an overhaul to Apple’s notebook line and the […]

Dec 5, 2007

Why Rejection is Good for You (and Me)

For the past year, I’ve been anxiously anticipating the relaunch of Macworld’s website. I had completed the design in 2006, but after a year, the site curiously had not changed… Until this week. On Monday, Macworld launched a beta version of their spanking new site. For readers, it was an early holiday present. For me, […]