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Aug 24, 2006

FlexTime + Growl: A gentle way to end procrastination

Daniel Jalkut has just released the final version of FlexTime, a fantastic little Mac timer deftly suited for the (10+2)*5 procrastination hack. It still has no out-of-the-box support for Growl’s nifty notification system. Luckily, FlexTime now has robust support for AppleScript, allowing a backdoor into the Growl system. With a little tinkering, I’ve put together […]

Aug 14, 2006

Keyboard shortcuts for your bookmarks in any browser

In Safari, you can press Command+1 through Command+9 to quickly open bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar. Command+1 opens the first bookmark, Command+2 opens the second, and so on. Very cool, but what if you don’t use Safari? For months, I’ve been looking for a way to access bookmarks with keyboard shortcuts in Firefox. Finally, it […]

Aug 9, 2006

Create a photo montage poster using iPhoto

Mac community mini-celebrity, Mike Matas, shares an easy way to create a montage or “Life Poster” of your photos. You can order the poster through iPhoto. The 7-step process is simple enough for anyone comfortable using iPhoto. One quick step requires Photoshop. Find the Life Poster walkthrough on Mike’s blog. The 20″x30″ poster is composed […]

Jul 24, 2006

How to organize your cluttered desktop and regain your sanity

I’ve always been known as the messy kid, so it’s no surprise that zillions of random files and folders often litter my desktop. Every time I clear my desktop, it gets congested again a few days later, each icon reminding me how much I suck at organizing. What I lack is a system. After reading […]

Jul 23, 2006

Project management made painless: OmniGroup announces OmniPlan

For creative professionals and project managers who work on Macs, the lack of decent project management software is quite frustrating. Most are complicated, ugly, and painful. OmniGroup, the makers of fine applications such as OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle, has just announced OmniPlan, a new application they describe as “project management made painless.” The details are still […]

Jul 20, 2006

FlexTime: an even better way to stop procrastination now

After reading Merlin Mann’s recent post on timer apps for the Mac, I’ve been trying out the (10+2)*5 procrastination hack with a new shareware application called FlexTime. FlexTime allows you to set “routines” of different “activities” that can repeat indefinitely. After using it for a day, I’ve decided to switch from Meridian, which I recommended […]

Jul 20, 2006

Doodim + MenuShade: Eliminate distractions on your Mac

Doodim is a nice little freeware Mac application that dims everything behind the current application you’re working in. Combine it with MenuShade to dim your menubar and your Mac is now virtually distraction-free. In Doodim, a tiny delay occurs sometimes when switching applications. Dragging and dropping items onto the desktop also isn’t easy. Despite these […]

Jul 15, 2006

Structured procrastination with the (10+2)*5 hack and Meridian

Ok, I like to be lazy and put things off. In an effort to break this habit, I’ve implemented the (10+2)5 procrastination hack with a shareware application called Meridian. So what is this (10+2)5 math mumbo jumbo, you ask? The idea is simple: dedicate a fixed amount of 10 minutes for work and 2 minutes […]

Jul 5, 2006

Strengthen your love of screenshots by adding a little control

For as long as I can remember, I have been in love with Command+Shift+3, the Macintosh keyboard shortcut for capturing a screen to a file. While this love is enduring, I must admit some dalliances with Command+Shift+4 (capture selected area of a screen to a file) and Command+Shift then Spacebar (capture a specific window, widget, […]