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Apr 1, 2008

5 useful Quick Look plugins for designers

Quick Look in Leopard is super handy for instantly previewing files such as Word docs, Quicktime Movies, PDFs, and HTML files. But what about previewing file types that designers care about? You know, like Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand, Quark, and Flash documents? Unfortunately, Quick Look doesn’t natively support them. Thankfully, a few plugin developers have come […]

Jan 3, 2008

1Password to Rule Them All

It’s tough keepin’ up with the gluttony of “insanely great” Mac utilities. Everyday, VersionTracker lists scores of new apps ready to tweak, optimize, and organize all the crap on your computer. For the most part, I ignore them. Usually, they’re so buggy and poorly designed, I just send them straight to trash after trying them […]

Oct 30, 2007

Leopard Fix: Solidify your translucent menubar

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m finding Leopard’s new menubar more irritating than Fox News after a natural disaster. The mix of translucent bar with solid text and icons makes it an illigible mess. Fortunately, there’s OpaqueMenuBar. Just launch the app and your menubar returns to its full solid glory. Leopard’s menubar should have been […]

Mar 30, 2007

Apple’s secret spellchecker

<img src=’http://www.lifeclever.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/apple_spellcheck.jpg’ alt=’Apple’s secret spellchecker’ class=”large” />LifeClever reader Frank points out an awesome Mac OS X feature I never knew existed: check spelling as you type. I dug up the official description from Apple’s site:

Mar 14, 2007

A quicker way to close Dashboard widgets

While clicking around in Mac OS X’s Dashboard, I stumbled on this nice little trick. Bring up Dashboard, hold down the Option button, and then hover over a widget. A little icon will appear in the top-left of the widget, allowing you to close it right on the spot. This saves you the extra step […]

Feb 22, 2007

One iChat window to rule to them all

The latest beta of Chax now adds vertically-oriented tabs to iChat. Finally, you can combine all your iChat conversations into one compact window. “But wait, apps like Adium and previous versions of Chax have had tabbed browsing for ages,” you say. True true, but they only allow Safari-style horizontal tabs. This is fine for 3 […]

Feb 21, 2007

Freeware of the week: OSXplanet (Mac)

Most desktop earth simulators carry a hefty price tag (EarthDesk and Live Deskpicture each cost $20, not including upgrades). Being a young designer on a budget, I scoured the web for a cheaper alternative and stumbled upon the donation-ware gem, OSXplanet. Based on the popular XPlanet, OSXplanet matches most its competitors’ features for free. It […]

Feb 12, 2007

Freeware of the week: Shades (Mac)

Better brightness control for your Mac As computer displays become brighter and larger, most controls for setting brightness levels remain crude. Apple’s latest displays, for example, are still very bright even at the minimum brightness setting. For designers and others spending hours in front of a computer, the inevitable consequences are sore eyes and headaches. […]

Dec 15, 2006

Instantly open Word docs with TextEdit

Just by accident, I discovered TextEdit’s forgotten superpower to open and edit Word docs. Just drag any Word document onto TextEdit, and it opens instantly. Barely a wait. Not even a splash screen. If you’re sick of waiting for Word’s one-billion toolbars and useless features to load, this is a step closer to escaping the […]

Dec 12, 2006

Get 10 insanely great Mac apps for under 50 bucks

MacHeist is bundling 10 award-winning Mac Apps for a fantastic price of $49. To get into the season, 25% of the sale goes to a charity of your choice. The bundle includes: Delicious Library FotoMagico ShapeShifter Devonthink Personal Disco RapidWeaver iClip 4 One game by Pangea NewsFire (unlocked when $50k charity is raised) TextMate (unlocked […]

Dec 11, 2006

Automagically organize your files with Hazel

If you can’t seem to keep your files organized and your desktop’s turned into a smelly junkyard, Hazel might help. An ingenius Mac app from Paul Kim, Hazel lets you create and attach rules and actions to any folder on your Mac—-even the desktop. Drag files into a folder or desktop, and Hazel processes and […]

Nov 21, 2006

The fast and easy way to pick and convert colors

Need a quick way to pick and convert color values without opening Photoshop? Check out the free widget with funny British spelling, ColourMod. This handy widget lets you pick colors and automatic convert their values into CYMK, RGB, HSV, and Hex. All at a glance. It’s available for both Dashboard (Mac) and Yahoo! Widget Engine, […]

Nov 20, 2006

Instantly create zip archives with a keystroke

A convenient and often forgotten feature of Mac OS X is its built-in ability to create zip archives. Just select any file or folder, go to the File Menu and select Create Archive. Voila! Instant .zip archive. No third-party software needed. Make this even better by attaching a custom keyboard shortcut to the menu item–another […]

Nov 1, 2006

The Apple Blog: Access any Mac menu with Quicksilver

Quicksilver, the miracle shortcut tool for the Mac, should have its own Marvel Comics movie. It just has too many features and mutant abilities to ignore. Yasser Dehab of The Apple Blog adds to this neverending list by showing you how to use Quicksilver to access every menu item in any Mac application. He explains […]

Sep 23, 2006

First impressions of rooSwitch, a preferences manager for Mac apps

Brian Cooke recently showed us his new application, rooSwitch. Here’s how he describes it: rooSwitch allows you to manage profiles for almost any application. An example of how I use rooSwitch to get a handle on my life is to manage two profiles for NetNewsWire. One for “work feeds” and one for “other feeds”. During […]

Sep 4, 2006

No time for news? Get it at a glance on your desktop

If you’re feeling guilty for not keeping up with the news, try Newsmap. The site varies headlines by size and color depending on how much coverage a news item gets. This lets you quickly see top news items as well as biases and trends in news coverage. You can see Newsmap with a flick of […]