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Jul 31, 2007

Late night links: How to design with CRAP, the new old Coke, and even more iPhone goodness

It’s after 10pm and I’m now just getting off work :-(. I’m braindead, beat, and need some sleep. But here are some tasty links for you to enjoy while I recover for the night: Design Better with CRAP “All design starts from four basic principles, abbreviated as CRAP (they come in no particular order, so […]

Jul 20, 2007

Whatever’s clever: Links for July 19th

Foldspy A clever design tool that helps you find the fold on a web page. The stated goal is to maximize ad placement, but it’s useful for laying out real content too. Ten Things to Learn This School Year “It seems to me that schools often teach the opposite of what’s necessary for the real […]

May 3, 2007

Shrink long URLs into memorable links

I’m a huge fan of TinyURL, a very clever tool for shrinking long URLs into super-short links. It’s perfect if you want to send an email or text message without the links breaking apart. The links are tiny, but why are they so cryptic?