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Mar 30, 2007

Apple’s secret spellchecker

<img src=’http://www.lifeclever.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/apple_spellcheck.jpg’ alt=’Apple’s secret spellchecker’ class=”large” />LifeClever reader Frank points out an awesome Mac OS X feature I never knew existed: check spelling as you type. I dug up the official description from Apple’s site:

Mar 22, 2007

Behance: Create a more productive office with Action Areas

Devotees and dabblers of GTD know a bit about action lists. But what about physical action areas? Behance, maker of productivity pr0n gear, tried it out. All it took was a little bit of tape: One frigid November day, the Behance Team tried a bit of an experiment. We designated two areas of our loft-space […]

Mar 19, 2007

Roundup: 17 interviews with GTD master, David Allen

Do you go to sleep with a copy of Getting Things Done on your pillow? Does the sound of David Allen’s voice soothe your geek soul? If so, here’s the ultimate list of David Allen interviews to feed your obsession: Audio 1. Productivity Talk: 43 Folders meets David Allen Merlin Mann: “This was a lot […]

Feb 23, 2007

A very merry Merlin Monday

Everyone’s favorite GTD guru, Merlin Mann, is launching a new video podcast series called, The Merlin Show. It premieres this Monday, February 26th, with the teaser description, “Thirty theoretically productive frames per second.” No more details yet from Merlin, but I presume it’ll be about GTD goodness and productivity. You go, Merlin! Watch and subscribe […]

Feb 21, 2007

Freeware of the week: OSXplanet (Mac)

Most desktop earth simulators carry a hefty price tag (EarthDesk and Live Deskpicture each cost $20, not including upgrades). Being a young designer on a budget, I scoured the web for a cheaper alternative and stumbled upon the donation-ware gem, OSXplanet. Based on the popular XPlanet, OSXplanet matches most its competitors’ features for free. It […]

Feb 16, 2007

Finally, a stylish heater for your home

I just walked downstairs and noticed a strange-looking square against the wall in our office. Turns out, it’s our new Econo-Heat heater. It, however, was no ordinary heater. Unlike the typical coiled radiator or fan-based heater, Econo-Heat has an unusually slim, touchable, and modern design. Even better, it uses fire-safe and energy-efficient convection heating technology, […]

Feb 12, 2007

Freeware of the week: Shades (Mac)

Better brightness control for your Mac As computer displays become brighter and larger, most controls for setting brightness levels remain crude. Apple’s latest displays, for example, are still very bright even at the minimum brightness setting. For designers and others spending hours in front of a computer, the inevitable consequences are sore eyes and headaches. […]

Feb 5, 2007

How to organize all your rewards cards

Is your wallet overstuffed with rewards cards? To slim down your wallet and keep those cards organized, check out this fantabulous tip from LifeClever reader, Michael Willits: Most of us carry around a few of those plastic rewards cards from airlines, grocery stores, movie rental shops, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. However, keeping more than three […]

Jan 29, 2007

Design your own custom M&M’s

I admit it, I have a weakness for M&M’s. Recently, my compulsive nature drove me to visit my favorite candy’s website. I was floored to find out you can now create custom M&M’s. This is true eye candy. The process is simple. First pick from 17 colors, add your custom messaging, select a packaging style, […]

Jan 8, 2007

Quick and dirty vignettes in Photoshop

My favorite trick for adding drama to an ordinary photo is to give it a vignette effect. If you’ve seen old black and white photos, you’ll sometimes notice the corners are darker than the rest of the image. It’s usually undesirable. But done purposefully and tastefully, vignetting can give an image added interest, depth, and […]

Jan 3, 2007

Pump up the volume in Quicktime

This week, I started my spanking new job at Dubberly Design Office. I got a fresh MacBook Pro and had multiple eyegasms while pulling off the wrappers of my new ginourmous 30-in Cinema Display. Before I get sucked into the immersive display, here’s a little Quicktime tip I’ve neglected to tell you about: When watching […]

Dec 15, 2006

Instantly open Word docs with TextEdit

Just by accident, I discovered TextEdit’s forgotten superpower to open and edit Word docs. Just drag any Word document onto TextEdit, and it opens instantly. Barely a wait. Not even a splash screen. If you’re sick of waiting for Word’s one-billion toolbars and useless features to load, this is a step closer to escaping the […]

Dec 11, 2006

Automagically organize your files with Hazel

If you can’t seem to keep your files organized and your desktop’s turned into a smelly junkyard, Hazel might help. An ingenius Mac app from Paul Kim, Hazel lets you create and attach rules and actions to any folder on your Mac—-even the desktop. Drag files into a folder or desktop, and Hazel processes and […]

Dec 7, 2006

What’s the meaning of life? Wikipedia knows.

If you’re trying to find the meaning of life, there’s no better place to start than Wikipedia. The Meaning of life entry nicely summarizes various scientific, philosophical, theological, and spiritual explanations for existence. It includes almost every major approach on one page, from Atheism to Transhumanism. Of course, if you’re jaded by all of them, […]

Dec 5, 2006

Send free faxes with FaxZero

When you need to send a fax and don’t have an archaic beige fax machine, use FaxZero. It’s free and lets you send a PDF or Word document to any fax number in the USA. FaxZero prints an ad on the coversheet, but leaves the main pages uncorrupted (Ad-free faxes are about two bucks). The […]

Nov 29, 2006

Kuler: Create and share color themes

kuler is Adobe’s spanking new web-app for exploring, creating and sharing color themes for your next design project. Or just for fun. If you’re color-challenged like me, you’ll find inspiration in kuler’s growing library of user-submitted themes. Better yet, you can create your own themes for others to rate, download, and critique. A well-designed interface […]