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Dec 20, 2006

I thought you should know…

Since the birth of LifeClever six months ago, I’ve written little about myself. Mostly because I’m a lazy bum who’d rather obsess about Battlestar Galactica and Nutella than write about myself. This week, however, a big change in my life happened. After three and a half years at MetaDesign, I am leaving. In the new […]

Dec 7, 2006

What’s the meaning of life? Wikipedia knows.

If you’re trying to find the meaning of life, there’s no better place to start than Wikipedia. The Meaning of life entry nicely summarizes various scientific, philosophical, theological, and spiritual explanations for existence. It includes almost every major approach on one page, from Atheism to Transhumanism. Of course, if you’re jaded by all of them, […]