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Jan 25, 2007

The New York Times’ impressive infographics

I’m continually impressed with The New York Times. Not only for its journalistic writing, but especially for its well-designed infographics. The Times’ recent coverage of Bush’s State of the Union address features two superb pieces of information design. One shows the relationship between applause and speech length for each address over the past seven years. […]

Oct 6, 2006

Flickr Find: The beautiful nostalgia of Penguin books

Walk into any used bookstore, and you’ll see shelves full of classicly designed Penguin books. These cheap, unassuming little paperbacks take you back, pointing to an era before fancy computers and today’s gluttony of typefaces. In celebration of these books, designer Joe Kral has compiled an inspirational Flickr set of some of Penguin’s best cover […]

Aug 23, 2006

I heart Flickr: my new source for joy and design inspiration

My friend Winston recently showed me a Flickr set of Spanish pharmaceutical posters from the 60s. The design work was just beautiful, putting the contemporary staid look of today’s pharmaceutical companies to shame. I never realized Flickr’s potential as a source for both joy and design inspiration until I saw this eye-pleasuring collection. In the […]