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Sep 19, 2007

Mint: A money management tool that doesn’t suck

Hate spending time keeping track of where your money goes? Check out Mint, a new and free money management tool for people who hate managing money. Mint allows you to view all of your banking and credit card transactions side-by-side, making identifying all of your transactions much easier and faster than ever before. How does […]

Jun 27, 2007

Two new interviews with yours truly

Two blogs recently interviewed me about my own productivity and money management habits. These are my very first interviews as a blogger, so I thought I’d share them with you: The first interview is with Noah Kagan on Mint, a soon-to-launch personal finance tool. Find out about my current financial strategy, what tools I use […]

Jul 31, 2006

Freelance tax tip: Use one debit card to easily track deductible expenses

If you’re a freelancer, keeping track of receipts for business-related expenses can be quite a headache. To help relieve this pain, use one debit card exclusively for all deductible business expenses. At the end of the month, you’ve got a convenient record of itemized expenses with the total amount already calculated. No more sitting in […]

Jun 27, 2006

Don’t buy stuff you cannot afford

Some people get money and know how to keep it. I’m not one of them. After four years of design school and three years of working since graduation, I’ve racked up a debt of over $33,000. This has gone out of control, and it’s clear I need other guidance for managing my money than the […]