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Apr 3, 2008

Supercool typographic posters of supercool cities

Ork Design has some very clever typographic posters of famous US cities. Each poster shows the neighborhoods of a city arranged as a typographic map. Cities include Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Manhattan, and best of all, San Francisco. It’s sweet candy to the distintiguished designer’s eye. Cost is $20 for posters that are offset printed. If […]

Apr 1, 2008

5 useful Quick Look plugins for designers

Quick Look in Leopard is super handy for instantly previewing files such as Word docs, Quicktime Movies, PDFs, and HTML files. But what about previewing file types that designers care about? You know, like Illustrator, InDesign, Freehand, Quark, and Flash documents? Unfortunately, Quick Look doesn’t natively support them. Thankfully, a few plugin developers have come […]

Mar 25, 2008

Portfolio Day might make you cry, but it’s worth it

If you’re looking for a design job right out of school, then AIGA Portfolio Day is your best chance to schmooze with local designers who might be hiring. Even if you’re not looking for a job, it’s the best way to get useful feedback on your portfolio–even if the reviewers make you cry. Just remember, […]

Mar 1, 2008

Design Writing Contest–Deadline This Tuesday

Jacob Cass at Just Creative Design shares a prize opportunity for you designers out there: $5000 PRIZE GIVEAWAY – Graphic Design Group Writing Project The Facts: What: A graphic design group writing project with $5000+ worth of prizes Deadline: Tuesday 4th of March Do: Write a new post on the subject of graphic design Details: […]

Feb 14, 2008

Where to Find Greeting Cards that Don’t Suck

Being a designer is a curse. Why? Because everything around you looks like crap. That includes menus, signs, websites, business cards, and worst of all, greeting cards. Go down the greeting card aisle in any drugstore, and you’ll soon be overloaded with banal cartoons, flowers, and kittens. And don’t even get me started on the […]

Jan 29, 2008

What Michelangelo Can Teach You About Good Design

After marveling at Michelangelo’s statue of Goliath-vanquishing [David,][1] the Pope asked the sculptor, “How do you know what to cut away?” Michelangelo’s reply? “It’s simple. I just remove everything that doesn’t look like David.” While I’m not totally sure of its accuracy, the conversation still offers three very sage design lessons:

Dec 5, 2007

Why Rejection is Good for You (and Me)

For the past year, I’ve been anxiously anticipating the relaunch of Macworld’s website. I had completed the design in 2006, but after a year, the site curiously had not changed… Until this week. On Monday, Macworld launched a beta version of their spanking new site. For readers, it was an early holiday present. For me, […]

Nov 29, 2007

You are More than Your Portfolio

Erik Spiekermann once told me, “Portfolios don’t matter. You hire the person, not the portfolio.” Like Erik, the statement’s bold. But he’s got a point. Your portfolio demonstrates what you already know, not your potential for learning, adapting, and growing. Sure, a portfolio shows competency. At the minimum, you should know how to read, write, […]

Nov 1, 2007

Khoi Vinh & Mark Boulton: Grids are Good

Are you grappling with how to design websites using a grid-based layout? Check out Khoi Vinh and Mark Boulton’s excellent design tutorial, Grids are Good. The presentation starts with a brief history of grids, then walks you through a step-by-step example of redesigning a large portal-type site using a grid. The portal example is especially […]

Oct 10, 2007

A coffee mug for Helvetica lovers

Helvetica, the typeface everyone loves to hate–and hates to love–now has its very own coffee cup. Austere but oh so cute and clever. You can get it for $18 bucks at Veer. Also, don’t forget to check out the Helvetica film. Too bad, I don’t drink coffee. :-(

Oct 9, 2007

Where to get the latest and greatest design books

Giant megabookstores like Borders and Barnes & Nobles are great for getting coffee table design books that everyone and their momma has. But if you want to snag ultra-cool limited-edition books, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Here’s my favorite places to discover new books before everyone else. Most are in Europe because that’s just where […]

Sep 24, 2007

First look: Samsung's sleek and sexy SCX-4500 printer

After seeing pics of Samsung’s new slim and sexy printers, I fell in love. Exclusively sold through Apple, the ML-1630 ($200) and multi-function SCX-4500 ($300) feature an unconventional design with a high-gloss black finish and slim form. After wiping off the drool off my face, I dashed to the Apple store in San Francisco and […]

Aug 28, 2007

Jason Fried: Working closely together ain’t productive

In a recent interview, Jason Fried from 37 Signals tells us why working closely together destroys productivity. Proximity is an invitation to interrupt somebody. And interruption is the biggest enemy of productivity that there is. When everyone is sitting together, everyone’s at the same desk or nearby. It’s really easy to shout something over to […]

Aug 21, 2007

Event: Communicating concepts with comics (SF)

Tomorrow, Interaction Design Association (IxDA) and Cooper will be hosting a free public talk in San Francisco called, Communicating Concepts with Comics. Often, wireframes, requirements, personas and other documents have yielded unsatisfactory results – that is, when they are read at all. At Yahoo!, Kevin Cheng has been experimenting with using comics as a technique […]

Aug 17, 2007

Ironic: Apple’s new tiny keyboard ships in a ginourmous box

It’s no surprise that Apple’s new sexy keyboard packs a lot of eye candy into a waifish body. Apple just loves sleek, minimal design. So why does the keyboard ship in a box a billion times its size? Sean’s new keyboard just arrived and here’s what the crazy amount of packaging looks like:

Aug 13, 2007

46 resources & tools to improve your web typography

Who says type on the web has to look wretched? Sure, there are annoying constraints like low-resolutions, limited font choices, and browser incompatibilities. But with the right tools and a little bit of guidance, you can absolutely make on-screen typography beautiful. Here’s 46 resources to help you create, find, and code great looking type for […]