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Sep 12, 2007

How to attract and manage novice clients

The continuing growth of Web 2.0 startups means designers can expect to be approached by a lot more clients with five-figure budgets who are virtual novices to the web design process. Without proper handling these clients can be extremely difficult to work with. I know, because I was one of those clients. I was recently […]

Jan 23, 2007

What 50 pounds of clay can teach you about design

My 3rd year graphic design teacher, Alison Woods, once told me a parable from Art and Fear that’s still stuck in my brain years later: The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded […]

Oct 18, 2006

Kiss your boring dry erase markers goodbye!

If you’re embarassed by mundane office supplies, check out [TUL Dry Erase Markers.](http://www.tul.com “TUL home) Part of OfficeMax’s new brand of affordable designer writing tools, these markers are surprisingly cute and clever. Each marker has a magnetic body that sticks to most whiteboards, a comfort grip, and a built-in eraser cap. I get weirdly excited […]

Jul 25, 2006

Design like a pro: 20 web design tips

.net magazine offers 20 pro tips to help neophyte web designers do it like the pro’s. The tips emphasize writing clean, organized code yourself, rather than using a WYSIWYG editor like DreamWeaver or GoLive. .net magazine’s 20 pro tips: Planning Do it by hand Stylesheets: importing vs linking Smarter gradient backgrounds Commenting Use simple PHP […]

Jul 15, 2006

Structured procrastination with the (10+2)*5 hack and Meridian

Ok, I like to be lazy and put things off. In an effort to break this habit, I’ve implemented the (10+2)5 procrastination hack with a shareware application called Meridian. So what is this (10+2)5 math mumbo jumbo, you ask? The idea is simple: dedicate a fixed amount of 10 minutes for work and 2 minutes […]

Jun 29, 2006

Fail early, fail often: my first experience with rapid prototyping

This summer, I’m interning at Dubberly Design Office, an interaction design studio in San Francisco. My first week consisted mostly of 10-hour days manning the copier in preparation for a week-long interaction design workshop we were putting together for Samsung’s design group. The next week, I got the incredible opportunity to assist with and sit […]