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Nov 29, 2006

Kuler: Create and share color themes

kuler is Adobe’s spanking new web-app for exploring, creating and sharing color themes for your next design project. Or just for fun. If you’re color-challenged like me, you’ll find inspiration in kuler’s growing library of user-submitted themes. Better yet, you can create your own themes for others to rate, download, and critique. A well-designed interface […]

Nov 21, 2006

The fast and easy way to pick and convert colors

Need a quick way to pick and convert color values without opening Photoshop? Check out the free widget with funny British spelling, ColourMod. This handy widget lets you pick colors and automatic convert their values into CYMK, RGB, HSV, and Hex. All at a glance. It’s available for both Dashboard (Mac) and Yahoo! Widget Engine, […]

Nov 10, 2006

Get a crash course in color theory

I have a secret. I’m a designer, and I suck at color. Maybe it’s because color theory wasn’t part of my graphic design curriculum in college… Thankfully, it’s never too late to learn. If you’re color-challenged like me, here’s two sources that can help: Mark Boulton’s Five Simple Steps to Designing with Color This is […]

Nov 6, 2006

Pick perfect colors for your home

You’ve been there. Paralyzed in front of a giant display of neverending color swatches at Home Depot. With so many color possibilities, it’s ironically impossible to choose. How do you decide which white do use? Or if Pepper Grass goes with Hot Pink? Fortunately, there’s help with Behr’s ColorSmart tool. ColorSmart lets you preview colors […]