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Apr 29, 2008

The Missing iPhone Ringtone

I love the ringtone at the end of every iPhone television ad. It’s simple, sweet, and unassuming. But strangely, it’s doesn’t come installed on the iPhone. You can’t even buy it from the iTunes Music Store. Fortunately, you can download it here for free: Download iPhone TV Commercial Ringtone To install, just download it. Then, […]

Jan 9, 2008

Can’t Miss: Macworld Expo 2008, Baby!

It’s that happy-joy-joy time of the year again. Yes, Macworld Expo kicks off next week in San Francisco on January 15th. Steve will be delivering the keynote, and is expected to entice Apple fans with a new mouthwatering product. The rumor mills are abuzz with whispers of an overhaul to Apple’s notebook line and the […]

Sep 24, 2007

First look: Samsung's sleek and sexy SCX-4500 printer

After seeing pics of Samsung’s new slim and sexy printers, I fell in love. Exclusively sold through Apple, the ML-1630 ($200) and multi-function SCX-4500 ($300) feature an unconventional design with a high-gloss black finish and slim form. After wiping off the drool off my face, I dashed to the Apple store in San Francisco and […]

Aug 17, 2007

Ironic: Apple’s new tiny keyboard ships in a ginourmous box

It’s no surprise that Apple’s new sexy keyboard packs a lot of eye candy into a waifish body. Apple just loves sleek, minimal design. So why does the keyboard ship in a box a billion times its size? Sean’s new keyboard just arrived and here’s what the crazy amount of packaging looks like:

Jul 11, 2007

Ask Chanpory: When should I buy an Apple product?

Sara, a LifeClever reader, recently emailed me asking for advice on the dreaded problem of buying an Apple product, only to see a new version come out soon after: I just saw something about Apple releasing new versions of the iPod this year… got any details on that? I’m still a little irritated that the […]

Jul 2, 2007

iPhone: It ain't about the features

If you want to get work done during the next couple of days, don’t get an iPhone. It’ll suck you in like a sailor to a siren’s song. I’m now separated from My Precious long enough to get back to work and write some thoughts about my experience on iPhone launch day. I’m not going […]

Jun 29, 2007

iPhone mania!

Okay. I can’t breathe. Soon, my hands will be wrapped around a brand spanking new iPhone. In a little bit, I’ll be heading down to wait in line with my colleagues from Dubberly Design Office, Ryan and Thomas. The flagship store in downtown San Francisco looks like a madhouse (there are literally clowns in line). […]

Jun 26, 2007

iPhone: A sweet and simple setup

The iPhone debuts to crowds of feverish fans this Friday. I’m definitely waiting in line, though I probably won’t be camping out in a tent like I did at the Apple Store San Francisco grand opening. Everyone and their momma is buzzing about the numerous iPhone features (and lack of). But the most revolutionary feature […]

Mar 30, 2007

Apple’s secret spellchecker

<img src=’http://www.lifeclever.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/apple_spellcheck.jpg’ alt=’Apple’s secret spellchecker’ class=”large” />LifeClever reader Frank points out an awesome Mac OS X feature I never knew existed: check spelling as you type. I dug up the official description from Apple’s site:

Sep 28, 2006

Apple finally revamps .Mac webmail, but does anyone care?

Apple’s aging .Mac webmail client has been an embarassment for quite awhile now. So much so, that I’ve seriously considered dropping .Mac altogether. Now playing catchup to AJAX rich webmail clients like Gmail and Yahoo, Apple’s soon releasing a revamped webmail system. The new webmail system will sport the look of Mac OS X’s Mail.app, […]

Aug 9, 2006

Create a photo montage poster using iPhoto

Mac community mini-celebrity, Mike Matas, shares an easy way to create a montage or “Life Poster” of your photos. You can order the poster through iPhoto. The 7-step process is simple enough for anyone comfortable using iPhoto. One quick step requires Photoshop. Find the Life Poster walkthrough on Mike’s blog. The 20″x30″ poster is composed […]

Jul 23, 2006

Project management made painless: OmniGroup announces OmniPlan

For creative professionals and project managers who work on Macs, the lack of decent project management software is quite frustrating. Most are complicated, ugly, and painful. OmniGroup, the makers of fine applications such as OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle, has just announced OmniPlan, a new application they describe as “project management made painless.” The details are still […]

Jul 17, 2006

A Nike (or Saucony or New Balance or Adidas) + iPod Sport Kit Hack

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit–love child of Apple and Nike–began shipping this week. I’m excited to try out the new toy at the gym, but I prefer not to be a Nike style victim. Podophile has posted a nice little hack to get a Nike + iPod Sport Kit working with the shoe of […]