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Mar 27, 2007

Adobe CS3: Worth the wait?

Adobe just dropped the long awaited CS3 bomb. With six different configurations, Macworld is already calling it the “largest release in Adobe’s history.” Of course, the best part is the one million new features that’ll make you feel like a loser newbie all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled for Intel-native speed improvements […]

Mar 9, 2007

Where is Illustrator’s auto-recovery feature?

InDesign’s auto-recovery feature has saved me several times from utter design despair. This is why, along with recent heartbreaking crashes, I’m frustrated with Adobe for not incorporating the same recovery feature in Illustrator. Will the new CS3 sport this feature? Probably not. According to LenHewitt on Adobe’s forums, there are some major technical limitations: Page […]

Dec 21, 2006

Adobe’s new icons: Love or hate ’em?

Adobe’s recent Photoshop CS3 beta is quenching the desperate thirst of Photoshop fanatics everywhere. But it’s new icon system is causing some controversy. The new icons use a system of abbreviations to represent each Adobe product, a bit like the symbols in the periodic table. Since their introduction in 2003, the Adobe Creative Suite icons […]

Nov 29, 2006

Kuler: Create and share color themes

kuler is Adobe’s spanking new web-app for exploring, creating and sharing color themes for your next design project. Or just for fun. If you’re color-challenged like me, you’ll find inspiration in kuler’s growing library of user-submitted themes. Better yet, you can create your own themes for others to rate, download, and critique. A well-designed interface […]