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Flavorpill homeEven if you’ve turned into a yuppy without realizing it, you can still be cool again. Just visit Flavorpill and subscribe to one of the free weekly newsletters listing the latest local cultural events in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and London. Topics covered include art, books, music, fashion, and world news.

The newsletters are great, but since Flavorpill’s still in beta, you may find parts of the service lacking. For example, the preferred way to subscribe is via e-mail instead of more convenient RSS feeds and calendering systems such as iCal. RSS feeds do exist but only for five of the ten newsletters. Since those feeds aren’t obvious, you can subscribe with these links:

If you live in San Francisco, Brett Lider’s kindly created a calendar compatible with iCal and Google Calendar:

Once you’ve subscribed, the next step to increase your cool factor is to actually go to some of the events, or at least say you did.

Does anyone have resources for cool events in other cities? Don’t hesitate to post in the comments!


  • Ana Lux

    gravatarAug 1, 2006
    10:42 am

    A broader approach about things going on those cities:

    Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Miamist, New York City, Paris, Philadelphia, San Francisco, São Paulo, Shanghai, Seattle, Toronto and Washington DC.

    Everyhting starts at http://www.gothamist.com/, then you find your city. Mine is http://www.sampaist.com/

  • jeffrey j

    gravatarAug 28, 2006
    5:48 pm

    the gothamist group is ok, but you can’t depend on it – there’s no editorial there, it’s just a bunch of stuff. Flavorpill talks about being a cultural filter (their word), but you can depend on flavorpill. the other places take cash for listings, or just list a bunch of crud their cooler friends think are worth mentioning.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarAug 28, 2006
    5:57 pm

    Jeffrey, thanks for the heads up about gothamist. The filtering that Flavorpill offers is becoming more and more needed as megadirectories of information grow to overwhelming proportions. This is why sites like 9rules are loved, because they have quality control and set high standards for the blogs that get featured in their community.

  • jeffrey j

    gravatarSep 10, 2006
    3:38 pm

    wow – check it out… an awesome piece on flavorpill in today’s new york times magazine. great read!