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Can’t find greeting cards that live up to your design standards?

Check out Paper Culture, a new greeting card company co-founded by my friend and former MetaDesign colleague, Hui-ling Chen. The cards are modern, cute, and delightful. Best part, you can even personalize them with your own photos or text.

Right now, a majority of the cards are baby-oriented. But I expect to see a larger variety of different event cards once the business gets going.

Here are some more sample images:

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  • Joshua

    gravatarApr 25, 2009
    6:00 pm

    Thanks for the great post.

    I have a feeling that Hallmark will always exist though…

  • Nabeel

    gravatarMay 1, 2009
    5:54 pm

    Hmm, I posted a comment earlier, but it never came through. Anyway, I wanted to say that these are very creative cards … from the photos, the paper quality also seems nice. I never shop at Hallmark .. usually go to Papyrus.

  • Positively Present

    gravatarMay 5, 2009
    12:54 pm

    These are BEAUTIFUL! I love them! Bu-bye, Hallmark! ;)

  • Gayathri

    gravatarMay 18, 2009
    6:51 am

    Very cute cards. I loved the intergalactic party card best. I think these could create quite a ripple. I don’t think we are quite ready to wave hallmark bye though ;)

    Thanks for sharing, Gayathri.

  • Anelly

    gravatarMay 25, 2009
    2:02 am

    Sweet nice graphics and fancy. I bet this new company will gen nice benefits:)

  • steroids

    gravatarMay 26, 2009
    11:12 pm

    It’s really not a sad goodbye to Hallmark, but eventually it makes us feel happy that their greeting cards are really adorable and beautiful. Hallmark will always be in our hearts. :)

  • Lei

    gravatarMay 31, 2009
    6:14 pm

    phase out hallmark is beyond in reality, but the baby cards you’ve posted are adorable and gonna be hot!

  • Gillian

    gravatarJun 3, 2009
    7:47 pm

    Go for something with a bit of spark! Life is too short to be Hallmark.

    I design and print cards too and the fact big commercial card companies call me too alternative for them is quite a compliment.

    These cards (above) are restrained and elegant, well done! Best of luck with them. : )

  • Jaky Astik

    gravatarJun 12, 2009
    9:40 pm

    Colorful. Amazing. Mindblowing. Don’t know what to say. My next business card is gonna based on this concept.

  • Annaly

    gravatarJul 1, 2009
    9:31 am

    I thought it was just my personal pickiness but I have had problems finding decent greeting cards lately. Thanks for pointing out a nice alternative.

  • memory foam

    gravatarSep 15, 2009
    8:12 pm

    Thanks, it’s great to find this. These cards look unique and artistic and go beyond the usual stereotypical cards out there.

  • jion ben

    gravatarOct 8, 2009
    7:52 pm

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  • steroids

    gravatarOct 15, 2009
    8:20 am

    I love going to hallmark around the holidays. Like for instance around Christmas, they have the little singing decorations and they are the only place I can find a decent deal on ” The Simpson’s” ornaments. We collect the Simpson ornaments for our tree and they are the only place we can find them. So I hope hallmark does stay around for good.

  • abhijitshirsath

    gravatarDec 21, 2009
    3:35 am

    Ideas above are common and at a time unique. resemblance of colors are fresh …liked it a lot

  • Shawn Smith

    gravatarFeb 7, 2010
    11:49 pm

    I’m new to this site. I went through this part and would say its a nice post with exotic pics. Methinks its time to say bye-bye to Hallmark…