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Ok, I get why this class is called a “bootcamp”. I just finished day two of my Ruby on Rails class, and I’m officially mindfrakked. Today’s class moved at a rapid pace and covered a wealth of topics including:

  • Blocks and yielding
  • Procs and Lambdas
  • Enumerators
  • method_missing
  • Regular expressions
  • File input/output

I absorbed only about two-thirds of the material. Ideally, we’d have more time to explore each concept. But I guess that’s why I have Google and foggy San Francisco nights. Yes, Ruby’s gonna keep me warm, baby.

Despite the frustration of cramming everything into two days, I’m falling in love with the Ruby. It’s intuitive, easy-to-read, and a lot of fun. I wonder how I ever mucked around in PHP, Perl, and Javascript. Most of my classmates seemed to enjoy Ruby as well. Although, those familiar with Java and ActionScript 3 found the concept of “dynamic typing” a bit odd. Don’t even ask me to explain what that means right now.

I’m excited for the rest of the week where we”ll dive right into Rails. This is where I’m hoping the fun will explode.

Oh, an aside comment: San Francisco cab companies are horribly slow to arrive. So call early, if you want to get anywhere on time.

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  • Cody

    gravatarOct 8, 2010
    2:53 pm

    I’m in NYC now, but remember how badly SF cabs sucked. Check out the iPhone app ubercab – I’ve heard good things from my SF friends.