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Quicktime's secret volume controlThis week, I started my spanking new job at Dubberly Design Office. I got a fresh MacBook Pro and had multiple eyegasms while pulling off the wrappers of my new ginourmous 30-in Cinema Display. Before I get sucked into the immersive display, here’s a little Quicktime tip I’ve neglected to tell you about:

When watching Quicktime movies such as movie trailers and music videos, you might notice the volume—-even at its highest setting–just isn’t very loud.

To access a secret volume control, hold down Shift while clicking on the volume icon in the controller below the movie. A modified slider will appear, letting you increase the movie’s volume to its true resounding potential.


  • Soosi

    gravatarJan 3, 2007
    8:16 am

    Genius. :o

  • Torley

    gravatarJan 3, 2007
    9:44 am

    That’s a kewl trick, one I seem to remember being available in QuickTime since a very long time ago (when I was still on a 680×0 Mac)! Hmmm… I wonder if Windows Media Player has something equivalent? I haven’t found it yet.

  • John Cradock

    gravatarJan 3, 2007
    4:07 pm

    I find it ironic that you are showcasing a way of increasing QuickTime’s volume, when one of QuickTime’s most irritating features is that the volume is set at 100% when you open a file. Does anyone know of a way to tell QuickTime to use a lower default volume?

  • Aman Chaudhary

    gravatarJan 5, 2007
    5:11 pm

    I love how these things are always right under our noses. Very clever, indeed!

  • Jeff

    gravatarJan 6, 2007
    8:23 pm

    Also try holding down “control” and clicking on FF or rewind — you can adjust the playback speed.

  • gez

    gravatarJan 6, 2007
    8:30 pm

    doesnt work on PC’s??????

  • Craig

    gravatarJan 6, 2007
    11:11 pm

    And holding down control while clicking play mutes it.

  • Chanpory

    gravatarJan 7, 2007
    2:49 am

    Gez, it works on PCs, at least in Windows XP.

  • JD Lasica

    gravatarSep 12, 2007
    4:45 pm

    John C.: That’s exactly what I was looking for when I arrived on this page. Too bad there’s no answer — the volume on my Colin Powell video is too low at 100%. There must be a way for a producer (not a listener) to enhance the volume. I’ll keep looking.

  • Ed

    gravatarJan 22, 2008
    7:46 pm

    No one answered if there is a way to lower the start volume level of all movies when quicktime starts playing a movie.

  • Stevo

    gravatarJul 12, 2009
    11:58 am

    Press Shift and Up while playing – so glad i found this out – i always used VLC as the volume was never high enough with quicktime

  • fuck

    gravatarFeb 6, 2010
    7:00 am

    the stupid cunts at apple charge you for a new os and remove every day useful features.

    every fucking upgrade is like this.

    and snow leopard has a nice look, but is a fucking piece of crap that crashed everything, all the time. no matter what!

    i’m so fucking sick of these dumb asses at apple.

    gezus. steve jobs is sick — not dead!!!

    imagine how awful apple will be when he finally kicks the bucket.