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Amazon Universal Wish List

Amazon’s Wish List feature just got way more clever with the Universal Wish List Button. The newly introduced tool lets you to add any item on any website to your Amazon Wish List–even products not sold on Amazon.

Just drag the button to your browser’s bookmarks bar, and click the “Add to Wish List” link when you see something you lust.

It’s perfect for letting your friends and family know about absolutely everything you crave. And, of course, the convenient link to buy the product doesn’t hurt.

I’m in love with this feature, but man, Amazon is truly weirding me out. Two days ago, I was fantasizing about this exact functionality, when I randomly discovered it on Amazon’s site. Are they reading my mind?


  • Stefan

    gravatarAug 28, 2008
    10:32 am

    you wish. This feature has been needed for over 5 years. It’s such an easy feature and it took them forever to add. Happy they finally did it though.

  • mia

    gravatarAug 29, 2008
    1:44 am

    dude, no posts for ages and then this? seriously? why bother?

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarAug 29, 2008
    7:43 am

    Hey mia. Sorry, you’re not happy. I’ve been swamped with my day job. This is a personal blog, and I post about things I like and see. If you have suggestions for improvements, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Sketchee

    gravatarAug 29, 2008
    4:34 pm

    I for one am happy with this post, it’s a great idea

  • River

    gravatarAug 30, 2008
    1:57 am

    Thanks, been waiting for Amazon to do this!

  • Alex

    gravatarAug 30, 2008
    4:35 pm

    Except that the features of the Amazon wish list system suck.

    You can search your list. You can categorize you list other than high level product categories. You can filter your list.

    Basically once you get 10 pages of items it becomes a really pain to use.

  • Bean Jones

    gravatarSep 3, 2008
    3:55 am

    This is at once an awesome and terrible feature. Things in my wish list don’t stay too long there. It would be happier story if other people got stuff for me, but I usually end up buying them myself.

    Temptation at a click of a button. Woe is me. Hah!

  • Peter James

    gravatarSep 5, 2008
    4:32 am

    Well, I guess Christmas lists will never be the same. Forgive me, but my brain can’t stop thinking about the future change in Christmas Songs. Is ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’ going to morph into…

    ‘He’s printing a list, checking Amazon twice’, scanning emails to see who’s naughty & nice, San-ta Claus is com-ing toooo town!’

    Have to love the future!


  • eme

    gravatarSep 8, 2008
    1:53 pm

    @Alex: re: “Basically once you get 10 pages of items it becomes a really pain to use.”

    Maybe you want too much.

    @Chanpory Rith: Good job handling the complainer. Perfect example of your damned if you do, damned if you don’t!

  • Michael@ Awareness * Connection

    gravatarSep 22, 2008
    12:04 am

    Wow this could be really useful. I’ll be interested to see if it really does get more difficult after 10. I’ve loved the Amazon wish list hack even as it was before. This could take it up a notch.

  • Alice Teh

    gravatarOct 6, 2008
    7:42 pm

    And… I was just talking about the same thing in early August in one of my posts. Happy to see this function highlighted by you too. :)

  • Ak

    gravatarOct 17, 2008
    2:31 pm

    This feature has been available from a number of site for some time now. I think Amazon finally had to copy from the competition.

    I still like my wish list at http://www.youcouldgetme.com

  • Harold

    gravatarOct 27, 2008
    10:36 am

    I’m a huge fan of http://www.boxedup.com/ myself. They have continued to innovate their app. I’ve been using for probably 3 years now, love it.

  • Matthew Lloyd

    gravatarDec 10, 2008
    3:54 am

    I think it’s a great idea. It saves me from forgetting or losing my written wish list between the time I spot something cool and the next birthday / Christmas etc. Definitely makes life easier. And I agree with eme: More than 10 pages? Seriously who wants that much stuff?

  • Auto One

    gravatarDec 22, 2008
    12:20 am

    I like “You Could Get Me” but it looks amateur compared with other wishlist sites.

  • Freebies

    gravatarDec 22, 2008
    1:45 pm

    i agree – youcouldgetme doesnt seem as well organized as some of the other wish list sites

  • Web Host

    gravatarJan 23, 2009
    11:06 pm

    Spending a lot of time in Australia, I’ve tried wishlist.com.au but I found it a bit expensive.

    I like the new Amazon feature.

  • Internet Marketing Results

    gravatarFeb 26, 2009
    4:57 am

    I spend a lot of time (and money!) on Amazon and this feature is my new favorite (pun intended).

  • Public Speaking

    gravatarSep 9, 2009
    2:57 am

    Loving it – now I can get people want they really want instead of agonizing over gifts.

  • Henry Lawson

    gravatarOct 16, 2009
    3:59 am

    A friend of mine pointed me to this page and this feature. Awesome!