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ChaxThe latest beta of Chax now adds vertically-oriented tabs to iChat. Finally, you can combine all your iChat conversations into one compact window.

“But wait, apps like Adium and previous versions of Chax have had tabbed browsing for ages,” you say. True true, but they only allow Safari-style horizontal tabs. This is fine for 3 to 4 conversations. It’s useless if you have more. For the iChat-whore with many chats, vertically-oriented tabs save much more space.

Chax lets you place tabs to the left or right of a chat window. If you still prefer clunky horizontal tabs, you can place them at the top or bottom.

As an alternative, check out Proteus. It comes with vertically-oriented tabs and supports multiple protocols (AIM, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Jabber). Sadly, it won’t support voice or video conferencing and sucks at file sharing.

If you’re patient, unlike me, you can also wait for the spanking new iChat in Mac OS X Leopard. But why wait, when there’s Chax?

Download Chax 1.4.8 Beta 1.


  • Jon Henshaw

    gravatarFeb 22, 2007
    8:52 am

    I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. And it also has Growl support. It’s time to put Adium aside for a while and take iChat for a test drive again.

  • Joshua Kaufman

    gravatarFeb 22, 2007
    11:59 pm

    Yeah, Proteus (my favorite multi-network IM client) has had this for ages, I just hope that it survives as an open source app.

  • Talvalin

    gravatarFeb 23, 2007
    6:25 am

    I haven’t used Proteus for over a year now. It was pretty good but Adium does pretty much the same job for free.

    Also, Proteus wouldn’t let me view chat history unless I was signed in to the relevant account. Whose bright idea was that?

  • Chanpory

    gravatarFeb 23, 2007
    9:53 am

    Josh, I share your hope that it development on it continues; iChat still has its flaws.

    I’ve been a long time Proteus user, but got frustrated with the shoddy file transferring that seemed to work only some of the time. Hopefully future versions will fix this.