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My poor MacBook is still in the shop, but I wanted to end the week with a little tip for you:

Being a lover of exciting new software, I’m often trolling VersionTracker for the latest applications to download and try. What’s most irritating, though, is the number of clicks it takes to download a file. Here’s the typical scenario.

  1. On a search results or index page, you see a program you want to download
  2. You click on the filename, taking you to another page that has more details about the application
  3. This page has the real download link, which you then click to download the file to your computer

That’s two clicks total, and one click too many for my lazy self. Fortunately, there’s a shortcut. To skip the extra click and download the file immediately, simply click on the filesize next to the filename.

VersionTracker download shortcut

This also works on MacUpdate as well as VersionTracker. I wish they both could make it clearer by just labeling it “Download Now,” but perhaps they want the extra page impressions.


  • brian w

    gravatarSep 18, 2006
    7:18 am

    MacUpdate does, at least, have a little down arrow next to the file size.

  • Ronks Specker

    gravatarAug 20, 2008
    1:02 pm

    Regarding Version Tracker once your signed into this service, there seems to be no turning it off or unsubscribing.