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Moo MiniCardsBetween 9am and 5pm, your business card is the preferred way to give someone your contact information. But after hours, in social settings like cozy little used bookstores and cute hipster dance clubs, you’re probably going to give someone your 411 with pen and paper. It works and doesn’t carry the formality of business cards, but where’s the flair? Moo, a new web-based printing service, is changing that with MiniCards, a modern spin on the age-old tradition of calling cards.

In partnership with Flickr, Moo lets you make 28mm x 70mm cards with your own images on one side and up to six lines of text on the other. An easy-to-use interface allows you to choose images and crop them to fit. The Flickr logo and buddy icon are optional, with no charge to remove them. A pack of 100 cards is about 20 bucks, and comes in a nicely designed box.

What I like most about Moo’s MiniCards is that they’re intentionally not business cards, hence their unusual size. While business cards are meant to project an organization’s brand and personality, Moo’s calling cards are all about your individual expression as well as the easiest way to contact you. This means you’ve got a place to showcase and share your favorite design work, photos, and artwork. Of course, it’s also another way to impress a potential date in a bookstore or club.

Check out the [Moo Flickr group](http://www.flickr.com/groups/moo/ “Moo Flickr group) to see how people are using MiniCards.



  • Kaitlin

    gravatarOct 2, 2006
    7:28 am

    I think these were a great idea. I just ordered mine, hopefully they’ll be here soon!

  • Bryan

    gravatarOct 2, 2006
    4:57 pm

    I just got my free 10-pack. They’re oh so sweet! (Read my review)

  • Chanpory

    gravatarOct 2, 2006
    7:36 pm

    Nice! I missed the free period for the 10-packs:-( I’m excited to design something nice for the 100-pack though.

  • troyboydesign

    gravatarOct 4, 2006
    8:46 am

    Thanks for the tip! I ordered 200 of them last night!

  • DT

    gravatarOct 12, 2006
    8:58 pm

    I love it! I just ordered my free 10 pieces and its in the mail.

    The only problem it that it does not take paypal…