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Merlin interviews David AllenMerlin Mann has just posted the first in a series of interviews with David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. The series of conversations will focus on GTD implementation, with today’s interview tackling everyone’s worst habit: procrastination.

Merlin and David discuss some of the reasons why we procrastinate, followed with insights into how we can overcome it.

It was quite nice to hear the two most prominent figures in productivity get together and talk about GTD in detail. I only wish the interview was a bit longer.

I also hope this series leads to a more formal partnership between Merlin and David. It’d be great to see them team up and write a detailed book on GTD implementation. Until then, there’s plenty of reading material. Books mentioned in the interview include:

Listen to the interview on Odeo.com or download the MP3.

How do you cope with procrastination? What other books or tools would you recommend? Don’t hesitate to comment!