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Today, LifeClever joins LifeRemix, a new blog network dedicated to life hacks, productivity, and self-improvement.

LifeRemix will feature original content and syndicated headlines from its members. The first post, 100 Great Tips to Improve Your Life, is a sample of the best tips from all 15 blogs.

The members of LifeRemix are:

In addition to being a proud Federated Media member, I’m excited to be joining another great group of blogs.


  • Glen

    gravatarJul 30, 2007
    12:08 pm

    And we couldn’t be happier that LifeClever has joined!

  • John Richardson

    gravatarAug 4, 2007
    6:41 am

    Great stuff here! Congrats on becoming a LifeRemix member… good company!