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Basics in Design at Basel School of DesignIn 1999, a legendary graphic design program died.

This program, Armin Hofmann’s Advanced Class for Graphic Design at the Basel School, was famous for its disciplined approach and emphasis on foundation courses. The program attracted students from around the world and later partnered with the Yale School of Design.

Beginning 2007, the program lives again in a new form.

In response to the dearth of rigorous foundation courses in design schools, Basel is reincarnating the spirit of Armin Hofmann’s original program into a new program called, [Basics in Design.](http://www.basicsindesign.ch/ “Basics in Design” program) It lasts one to two semesters. Current students might be able to arrange a study abroad program with their existing schools. The program will admit only 18 students.

While most of the design masters of the original have sadly passed away, a new breed of teachers will be leading classic courses in:

  • Color
  • Drawing
  • 3D-design (not on a computer)
  • Letterform
  • Image
  • Form and concept
  • Art and Design

Notice the lack of computer-based courses. Most exciting of all is an option to attend a couple of two-week workshops on typography and layout taught by renowned typographer, Wolfgang Weingart.

For more information, check out the program’s [website.](http://www.basicsindesign.ch/ “Basics in Design” program)

If you don’t have time or money for the full program, you can also attend Weingart’s shorter summer program, Basics in Design and Typography.

Now, if only there was also a Basics in Interaction Design program…

(via my friend and Basel graduate, Jim Faris.)

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  • Suzanne Bonne’

    gravatarAug 9, 2010
    6:20 pm

    Does anyone remember the soft cover books from the Basel design school foundation classes that were put out in the 1970’s with course problems and student solutions? I had 2 of them when I was at Parsons School of Design and just loved them. Don’t know what happened to them or if they are still available anywhere.