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I was just browsing iTunes for poignant Morrissey covers when I discovered nearly a thousand free language courses on iTunes. 926 courses to be exact. Holy Moleskine, Batman!

The extensive library of courses span over 35 languages, from Arabic to Yiddish. Each course comes as a convenient podcast which you can subscribe and put on your iPod or iPhone.

To get the entire list of language learning podcasts, hit the browse button on the lower-right corner of your iTunes window–it’s the icon that looks like an eye. Then browse to the Podcasts/Education/Language Courses directory.

Or you can simply do a search for the language you’re interested in.

Here’s a sample list of available languages (with links to iTunes):

Don’t forget to check out some of the more unusual podcasts such as:

I’ve been teaching myself Brazilian Portuguese with Rosetta Stone, so having access to a free supplemental iTunes podcast is nice. Oh, and emphasis on the free, because I’m broke after buying that big yellow box.

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What language have you been itching to learn?


  • Jordan

    gravatarMay 7, 2008
    9:34 am

    Is the Rosetta Stone software any good? I wanted to buy some software so that my wife and I can learn some languages together, but I heard mixed reviews on the quality. What’s your experience?

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarMay 7, 2008
    9:58 am

    Hey Jordan, I quite like the Rosetta Stone software. The lessons are completely in the native language. The idea is to replicate learning by immersion.

    I’ve only made it through the first part of the course. The lessons do feel really basic and repetitive at first, but its gradually increasing in difficulty. Some people might find it too basic at first and are anxious to jump quickly into learning more complex phrases.

    My major gripe is the price. Even though the program is well done, it’s quite expensive. After I bought the boxed version, I found out that Rosetta Stone has online versions of their courses, which are significantly cheaper. However, you only have access to the course for a certain period of time.

  • wingy

    gravatarMay 7, 2008
    2:47 pm

    Pimsleur’s lessons are really great for speaking. The method they use teaches you with minimal English, like a kid learning a first language. The lessons are a bit expensive, but they’re very good quality and if you stick with it you will learn. Apparently the CIA uses the Pimsleur method. The downside is that it doesn’t show you how to spell the words, but once you know how to speak it it’s not too hard to figure out the spellings.

  • Samuel Powell

    gravatarMay 7, 2008
    4:48 pm

    Check out iTunes U… Concordia Seminary. We have both Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek available.

  • Jason

    gravatarMay 7, 2008
    6:18 pm

    Thanks for all the links. One thing, though: the link for Romanian points to the Russian podcasts.

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarMay 7, 2008
    7:00 pm

    Hey Jason, thanks for pointing that out. It’s fixed now. ;-)

  • Leonidas

    gravatarMay 8, 2008
    2:43 pm

    This is great! finally I can learn some portuguese for FREE!! I am also curious why they don’t have any Latin or Aramaic podcast?? ……I guess cause they’re dead! :( crud!

  • Celeste

    gravatarMay 8, 2008
    6:03 pm

    This is fantastic! I’ve been looking for a way to brush up on my French after being out of school for a few years, and this podcast looks good. Thanks! =)

  • sylikon

    gravatarMay 9, 2008
    4:07 am

    I’ve found a course of languages such as French, German, Spanish, italien, dutch, japaneese… All very well explained with grammar and you learn progessively at you own ryhtm in your computer. Price is really good, less than 15 $, contact me for address

  • Zoli

    gravatarMay 11, 2008
    11:56 pm

    Please add finnish language to! :)

  • RogĂ©rio Rocha

    gravatarMay 12, 2008
    5:15 pm

    Great tip.

    It’s also great to see so many people interested in learning Brazilian Portuguese. If any of you need some help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

    I need to get my French sorted out for a trip I’m taking soon.

  • Steve Kaufmann

    gravatarMay 13, 2008
    10:39 am

    For Brazilian Portuguese I recommend getting some audio books recorded by Rubem Alves, a great educator and speaker. They are addictive to listen to and the texts can usually be found on the internet. I import the texts into LingQ to learn the vocabulary.

    LingQ has a library of content in a variety of languages and provides a range of tools to learn from the best podcasts on the web.

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarMay 14, 2008
    10:16 pm

    Hey Zoli, I can’t seem to find Finnish in iTunes. If you see it, post up the link.

  • sOjahund

    gravatarMay 20, 2008
    7:30 pm

    I can really suggest chinesepod.com, its also a podcast for itunes, but you can personalize the podcast so they match your skill level and interests…

    great one

  • Sergei Muller

    gravatarMay 21, 2008
    9:01 am

    Hi guys

    Coffee Break Spanish on iTunes and http://coffeebreakspanish.com is really great.

  • Shaun

    gravatarMay 21, 2008
    9:43 pm

    Hi Folks,

    Perhaps the Indonesian link should go to our “Learning Indonesian” podcast instead. The one you linked to died a long time ago.

    I’m actually the producer, so I am kind of biased! But really we are the only active Indonesian lesson podcast right now. It’s on iTunes or you can get it at http://www.learningindonesian.com.

  • Nabeel

    gravatarJun 12, 2008
    9:26 am

    this is a nice resources, thank you. I already speak 4 languages and wanted to learn a new one, was thinking about French. At first I had rosetta stone in mind, but i am definitely gonna give this iTunes language a try.

  • Satara

    gravatarJun 14, 2008
    9:19 am

    I don’t find a site anywhere that gives a free (isi)Xhosa coarse! It’s a language that I really want to learn!! Can anyone help me out, please!!

  • juancarlos

    gravatarSep 3, 2008
    1:21 am

    i am looking for a PORTUGUESE podcast course. under the icon above (portuguese) tre is no connection to portuguese courses, but to polish language courses. plese could you correct this. thanks

  • Rocket French Review

    gravatarOct 18, 2008
    1:06 pm

    woohoo! this is a goldmine! thanks a lot for this..! i think i’m going to start with spanish! muwahaha..

  • Alex

    gravatarOct 27, 2008
    10:58 pm

    This is the best thing I have ever stumbled upon.

    Thank you for this. or should i say, “Xie xie”

  • dave

    gravatarDec 2, 2008
    7:53 am

    rocket french is suppose to be pritty good.. i found a review for it if anyone is interested.


  • Catherine

    gravatarDec 25, 2008
    3:33 am

    How’s your Rosetta Stone getting on?

    I didn’t have much luck with Rosetta Stone for French and Thai. It’s interesting, but when it came to actually using the language, it fell short.

    For the way I learn, Pimsleur and Michel Thomas are superior.

    Pity Michel Thomas doesn’t have a Thai version as I’d gladly go broke buying his programs. I learned French effortlessly with Michel. I’d love to learn Thai just as effortlessly!

  • Erin

    gravatarJan 7, 2009
    1:08 am

    hey um the portugese link says polish!!! thanx!!!!

  • Beck

    gravatarFeb 8, 2009
    5:01 pm

    The best site I’ve come across for learning languages is: http://www.livemocha.com

    It offers free language courses and puts you in contact with native speakers of other languages to critique your writing or speaking or just to chat.

  • ksjaf

    gravatarMar 3, 2009
    6:10 pm


  • japanese words

    gravatarMar 3, 2009
    11:35 pm

    This is a great resource. Though there are a lot of courses, many of them aren’t quite up to par. The majority also generally seem to be English.

  • Yellow SEO

    gravatarMar 12, 2009
    1:13 pm

    Cool list I’ll have to try a few

    I have used both Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur are both great the pimlear works great for quick basic conversation interaction with native speakers while the rosetta stone works better for interaction in the culture.

  • Chanpory Rith

    gravatarMar 31, 2009
    5:10 pm

    Erin: Oops! Portuguese link is now fixed!

  • seftult7

    gravatarApr 10, 2009
    4:50 am

    hello idiets how old are you 2345678 seconds

  • jane

    gravatarJun 9, 2009
    2:28 pm

    Do you have any advice or podcast links for thai speakers trying to learn german (with very little access to english)?

  • Aaron

    gravatarAug 16, 2009
    12:54 pm

    This is just what I’ve observed, so don’t take it for fact. I tried Pimsleur’s software to learn more of German than I already had (which was a good deal of it), & eventually, what the program trie to teach, directly contradicted what I already knew of the language, so I wasn’t very happy with it.

  • Jodi

    gravatarAug 25, 2009
    8:34 am

    Livemocha.com is a great free language-learning site. However, the vocabulary is not as expansive as I’d like.

  • hala

    gravatarJan 27, 2010
    2:27 pm

    je sais parler l’anglais un petit peu mais je veus la maitriser tres bien . so i can speak french but a beet of english .

  • Sunshine

    gravatarJun 5, 2010
    3:17 am

    Live Mocha isn’t free! They have a travel spanish class that is free if your friends sign up. The other classes, basic and intermediate you have to pay not nearly as much as Rosetta Stone but it’s not free.