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It’s after 10pm and I’m now just getting off work :-(. I’m braindead, beat, and need some sleep. But here are some tasty links for you to enjoy while I recover for the night:

Design Better with CRAP
“All design starts from four basic principles, abbreviated as CRAP (they come in no particular order, so the more squeamish can rearrange them to form –”CARP–, if you like. I’d advise against –”PCRA–, though–¦). These are Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity.”

The Real Thing. Really.
“At some point, there are only so many variations one can do on ribbons, splashes, swooshes, dimensional type and fake water droplets. When small percentage points of market share can mean hundreds of millions of dollars, you can kind of understand. Kind of. So it thrills me to no end when someone of stature refuses to do it anymore. I present the New Old Coke.”

Getting Design Done for Creative Pros
“Here’s how to apply the principles of a well-known productivity system to your creative process. The resulting creative habits can boost your design skills while they reduce stress and free your mind to tackle big problems.” via Dr. Merlin Mann

Media Temple offers iPhone “friendly” AccountCenter
“Jason was kind enough to inform me that Media Temple customers with an iPhone in their back pocket now have quick access to their accounts with the new iPhone “friendly” AccountCenter interface! Media Temple customers can now manage their hosted site(s) from a sleeker, faster, and more convenient interface.” via 5thirtyone