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kulerkuler is Adobe’s spanking new web-app for exploring, creating and sharing color themes for your next design project. Or just for fun.

If you’re color-challenged like me, you’ll find inspiration in kuler’s growing library of user-submitted themes. Better yet, you can create your own themes for others to rate, download, and critique.

A well-designed interface of color wheels, swatches, and sliders makes it easy and joyous to make perfect color combinations. Once done, you can download your theme as an Adobe Swatch Exchange files (.ASE) to use in your Adobe apps.

Like many new web-apps, kuler is a “technology preview” (beta), so beware of bugs and downtime. Adobe implies it may charge for using the tool later. If Adobe wants the love of designers and color enthusiasts, it’d better keep it free.

Thanks to Mark Roudebush for sending this to me.