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Apple Keyboard

It’s no surprise that Apple’s new sexy keyboard packs a lot of eye candy into a waifish body. Apple just loves sleek, minimal design. So why does the keyboard ship in a box a billion times its size?

Sean’s new keyboard just arrived and here’s what the crazy amount of packaging looks like:

Apple Keyboard

Apple Keyboard

Apple Keyboard

No other products were in the box except for the keyboard. With a box that size, one wishes Apple had snuck in some goodies. But the box was mostly full of brown packing paper and air.

So what’s a clever designer to do? Turn it into a fashion statement:

Thomas and Sean wear Apple Packaging

Did your’s come in a giant box too? Or is this just a shipping fluke?


  • Taylor Wright

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    7:46 am

    That is a bit on the absurd side, rival to even some of Amazon’s shipping procedures. Though excessive, it is recyclable which I guess is good.

    Something else to consider, Dubberly Design Office is what–¦Â two miles from the apple store, maybe riding your bike over at lunch would have been a good way to save some trees. Just a thought. :P

  • Julian Schrader

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    7:46 am

    Mine arrived in a box that just fits: http://vimeo.com/275721

  • Christofer

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    8:59 am

    Ordered mine from the Swedish Apple Store and got it in a very slim box. However, I’ve had another similar experience like yours from Apple Store. I got a cable and some other little thing in a giant box. The box was even open, and the stuff was sliding around at the bottom (no paper fill or anything else). Nice.

  • Carl Zetterlund

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    9:04 am

    Damn…. nice keyboard!

    I also hate it when they use huge boxes! Such a waste!

  • Chanpory

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    9:08 am

    @Taylor, I’ve had similar experience with Amazon. Sometimes it comes tiny and reasonable package, and other times it’s all air.

    @Julian, cool unboxing video. The keyboard we got was wrapped in a similar box as yours, but Apple strangely put that in the much larger box you see above. Perhaps for extra-extra-extra-extra protection?

    @Christofer, thanks, glad we’re not alone is Apple’s random shipping inconsistencies. With so many shipments coming from various delivery agencies, it must vary. I guess Apple just can’t control everything in the world ;-)

  • Derek

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    9:13 am

    When my Apple Pro keyboard arrived it was packaged in a similar box. Definitely not something that Apple normally does. Every other item that I’ve ordered online through Apple arrived in a box that fit like a glove – or no box at all.

  • Groovymarlin

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    10:34 am

    Amazon always does stuff like that to me. I’ve never had anything shipped to me from Apple, and that huge box really surprises me.

    Great photo, btw. You’ve got the model “bitchface” down perfectly!

  • Liza

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    11:32 am

    Is this the new keyboard for all the computers? Ugh, I hate it. I like the full size grey G4 keyboard.

  • Billy Halsey

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    12:41 pm

    My new and improved, smaller 85-watt power supply for my MacBook Pro also shipped in an absurdly large box from Apple. Makes me wonder what the point of a shrinking power supply is if the packing material stays ginormous.

  • Julian Schrader

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    3:08 pm

    @Chanpory: Thanks ;-)

    @all: So far, I like it very much. I used the keyboard of an old iMac before to operate my MacBook Pro 17″ plus 30″ Apple Cinema Display, I hated it. This new keyboards gives me what I need –” it’s slim and I can write very fast on it. I write considerably slower on traditional keyboards and absolutely love the internal keyboards of MacBooks and MacBook Pros.

  • Sugar

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    3:52 pm

    I’ve laughed SO hard at the last pic.

    SO hard. Thank you guys :P

  • Sam Lu

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    4:43 pm

    Reminds me of the absurd plastic packaging for some of the digital media out there (eg. CF, SD cards). The plastic packaging is like the size of a 17″ monitor, why waste all that plastic?

  • manystyles

    gravatarAug 17, 2007
    8:01 pm

    I actually expected Thomas and company to come up with something more clever with the packaging. :)

  • MikeP

    gravatarAug 18, 2007
    11:52 am

    Stuff sometimes gets shipped in huge boxes, because otherwise couriers lose it.

    The boxes that some replacement CPUs for one of our HP servers came in were bigger than that (tiny boxes in medium box in huge box).

  • Wendy Begley

    gravatarAug 18, 2007
    3:46 pm

    hey! Sean! I never expected you to see you on this blog! I’ve read quite a few stories on here and I enjoy the site and suddenly I see you there. That’s crazy! Where are you working at btw?

  • Char

    gravatarAug 18, 2007
    7:12 pm

    Mine isn’t due to arrive till Tuesday. I’m anxiously, impatiently waiting. Who out there has used the keyboard for a few days to do real work? What is your opinion?

  • Tony

    gravatarAug 20, 2007
    12:33 pm

    @Sam Lu

    CF, SD, et all are packed like that so they are hard to steal.

  • Loren

    gravatarAug 23, 2007
    11:44 am

    Mine came the same way. I thought that apple had accidently put something extra in the box.

    After using the keyboard for a couple of days I really like it. If you have a macbook, then you will like this keyboard.

  • Kris

    gravatarAug 30, 2007
    1:15 am

    Now let’s be honest. You know why they probably shipped it in that large box? They proabably ran out of the right size box. They are losing money by shipping you such a large box. Furthermore, if they waited until they had the right size to ship it, you would have complained that it took too long to ship. Am I right or am I right?

  • tylergo1

    gravatarJan 20, 2008
    11:27 pm

    Same happened with mine and it was bigger but it came with a mighty mouse to. and same with my Macbook hugeeeee box. so mutch for going green

  • Dasina

    gravatarFeb 6, 2009
    10:31 am

    I did not know, that it could be real..