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Okay. I can’t breathe. Soon, my hands will be wrapped around a brand spanking new iPhone.

In a little bit, I’ll be heading down to wait in line with my colleagues from Dubberly Design Office, Ryan and Thomas.

The flagship store in downtown San Francisco looks like a madhouse (there are literally clowns in line). So, our plan is to wait at the lesser-known Apple Store at Stonestown mall in San Francisco. My two younger brothers are already in line.

The word on the street is that mall security is forcing iPhone fanatics to wait outside the mall. Looks like Apple’s neighbors don’t want their entrances blocked. It also means no Airport reception for folks waiting. :-(

I’ll post more updates and photos later today, either through a laptop or my soon-to-be replaced T-mobile Sidekick.

7:06pm We just got back into the office after getting our iPhones. Man, we are so freaking ecstatic! The experience was amazing, with Apple store employees genuintely congratulating you and taking your photos and just being amazing. Gonna unbox and setup.

4:21pm Here are some more photos taken with my Sidekick. We tried uploading higher-res pics from our Nikon Coolpix via Wi-Fi, but the battery died. :-(

iPhone shroud iPhone Line

Playing scrabble to pass the time iPhone Line

iPhone Line

Ryan is number 64 in line! iPhone Line

Thomas is number 66 iPhone Line

3:12pm Sweet! Apple is giving us another round of free Starbucks. Woohoo! Hello Frappucino. Right now, we are playing scrabble to pass the time. Apple employees just came by to “survey” everyone asking how many iPhones each person is buying.

1:36pm Yes! Found a wi-fi network to get on via Apple Store. Here are some pics from my Sidekick:

Front liners iPhone Line

My two brothers: Chhunpora and Veda iPhone Line

The line iPhone Line

Ryan and Thomas iPhone Line

12:44pm We’ve just arrived at Stonestown Apple Store about 40 minutes ago. Took awhile to get a stable digital connection on my Sidekick. As expected, the mall is making us wait outside of the building, so no Airport access at all. A couple of energetic employees came out to entertain the crown and hand out free Smart Water and Starbucks coffee. They also had a little Apple trivia contest to win free Apple T-shirts. We didn’t get any of the answers right. :(

I’m trying to a way get photos up somehow. But it might have to wait until I get back home.